i got into college!

hi it’s mayochuplover here (again…) and i got into my dream college! i’m kinda nervous as shit bc this is rlly the first time i move out of my parents’ house :worried: so does anyone have any tips for making it easier?

pls and ty



Congrats on getting in!

My only advice is to do the best you can and never be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

And since this is the first time you’re moving out of your parents house, maybe ask them if they have any advice on basic things to look after yourself (e.g., groceries, necessary things, first aid kit, etc)



I’m not the person to give advice about this kind of thing (iykyk) so instead, I will wish you the best of luck on your upcoming journey into college life!


congratualtions! what will you be studying?

i’ve been living on my own for a year and half now so here are some tips that i found to be helpful:

  • Cooking your own meals (proper meals, not pizza pops and ramen) is cheaper and healthier.
  • Meal planning + grocery planning saves times and money and you always have enough to last until your next grocery trip.
  • Sealable plastic storage bins are the best. They keep out pests, they’re easy to clean, and they make organizing easier too.
  • Do like 1 chore a day, even if you’re tired. It helps in the long run.
  • Go. OUTSIDE.

if i think of more i’ll come back :face_with_monocle:


psychology! and ty everyone for the congrats!


oo, interesting! i like psychology but i’m not good enough with people to do anything with a psych degree :sweat_smile:

since psych students have a pretty high unalive rate, here’s a few more tips

  • take some vitamins/a multivitamin specifically take vitamin D especially if you live in the northern hemisphere, especially especially somewhere farther north like Canada or Europe. Magnesium is good too.
  • set aside time regularly for self care.
  • Go outside.
  • If you’re having a tough time, reach out. Even if it feels like a waste of time. Most schools have free counselling services, all you have to do is call or email.

edit: also if you need help with research or anything hmu, i’m a library science student, i know how to find all the things.


It depends on what your access is to various things. Like if you’re in the US, many 1st world nations, you’ll definitely have access to a washeteria for fairly cheap, which means keeping g clothes clean is relatively easy.

But event though my family is in the states, I’m thinking about picking up a portable washer for my nephew. If he needs 1 set of clothes before he comes home to do laundry, a bucket and this one little underwater fan/agitators will get that clean enough. As it is, that should be delicate enough to handle things that are usually hand-washed (which I’m going to throw in the washer anyway because I ain’t wasting time on hand washing clothes).


College gives you a lot of unstructured free time. Be sure to join clubs that sound interesting, pay attention in class, eat well, and make friends.


Congratulations! :blush: :partying_face:

I remember when I first moved out, it was exciting and daunting at the same time. I suggest you join something. A club or group or organization. You’ll meet other new people like you and the seniors who can give you help. You’ll likely get busy with classes, but it’s good to have something to do for funsies.

It’s also a good way to make friends with similar interests outside of your classes :blush:

Are you going to be in an apartment, dorm, share house, or something else? Depending on your living situation, you might be able to find events going on at the living location.

On-campus dorms usually have something going on. Same with share houses. As for apartments, think of them as the place where you eat and sleep. Other times, you should be out and about to connect with people. If not connecting, just try to get out of your place at least once a day if possible.


dorm! i don’t have community bathrooms though!


Well that’s good. Individual bathrooms then?

Then most likely they’ll have events at the dorms for the newbies and on campus usually. Dorms can be quite fun :grin: I’ve gone to lunch or dinner with my dorm mates. If they ask if you want to go with them to do this or that, you should say yes even if you don’t feel like it much. I would always try to go if the others invited me to do something with them unless I was busy studying for a test or writing an essay :stuck_out_tongue: Especially that first year.


Shower shoes and robes are your best friend! So is the RA! Don’t give into peer pressure and do stuff you’re not supposed to like cover the smoke alarm or bring illicit things on campus. Yes, the green stuff still counts as illicit in lots of schools. Don’t drink underage, especially in buildings where alcohol is illegal to be stored. Lots of times schools don’t play with stuff like that and you can kiss the money and education bye bye by getting kicked out - it’s not worth it.

And if you have a roommate, make sure you go in with some things that are fine and not to you - do you mind sharing clothes or food, how are you going to split the mini fridge, is it okay for either of you to have people sleeping over all the time, are you okay with them bringing random people into the room around your valuables (jewelry, laptop, charges, etc.)? And get yourself a steam trunk that you can put a combo lock on. Take a pic of the combo or put it in the notes of your phone. You may trust your roommate and friends, but can you trust the random people they bring around? Maybe not.

Also, even if you don’t think you need it, it doesn’t hurt to get just one. Health supplies, sewing kits, tweezers, peroxide, envelopes and postage stamps, etc. Literally, start making a list in your phone of things you use on a daily and in emergencies and start slowly collecting them. Some things may be easier to find by your current home than when you move, so if you can stock up on necessities, do it.

Make sure you know where your closest bank ATM and location are when you move and figure out the local/school transportation. Know where important stores are and if you want a campus job you should be looking before you probably even get there.

Also, work out your meal plan with how many you get a semester and how often you have available to eat - you may have back to back classes and find you can only eat before a 10 A.M. class and everything closes by the time your final class ends at 8:00 P.M. Running out of meals is so common in college it’s ridiculous.

Don’t forget to study and have fun, but also remember you are continuing an optional education and nobody is going to tell you when you’ve missed too many classes that you automatically failed due to attendance or that you’re missing all your homeworks and a final so you failed. Try to get a planner or start keeping tabs on when things are due in your phone. At the beginning of each semester write down all your assignment due dates and when you have tests, write down when you should start assignments, and when you should study.

Look up the weather for where you’re going and pack appropriately. Do you need rainboots, a poncho, maybe you need lots of sneakers because the campus is hilly?

I could probably think of more, but that’s all I have right now… I was very involved in college, so I still remember all the craziness I would see, hence the seemingly random notes, haha.


Don’t forget to stay in touch with your family and bring little pieces of home with you, stuffed animals, pictures, a candle that your home usually smells like. And get involved in campus life to start creating your own little campus family to make things easier. There’s so many clubs and activities!



Things I found super helpful when I was living in dorms/away from home:

  • Make a schedule, lots of lists to help keep busy and stay on top of things! Don’t be too hard on yourself, with them, it’s just helps get a little direction for the times when you feel like you don’t have anything to do.

  • If making friends is a challenge for you (It was for me!) Then call home/ your current friends often! I spent a lot of time on skype, and one time my friends and I tried to do a 24hr call! It was a lot of fun, and it took a lot of pressure off having to find new friends and fitting in at uni. I also spent a lot of time on the old Wattpad forums whilst I was at uni… Any way that you can experience human connection is recommended!

  • Meal plan!! I knew how to cook, but I’ve never come from a meal planning house before. I found that it was much harder to do the whole ‘just pull something out the fridge and cook’ thing at Uni because it meant a lot of stuff ended up spoiling, and I’d end up making the same/similar things during the week.

  • Make a grocery list! I suggest shopping once a week and make a list.

  • Make your space your own. A lot of the time I felt like I was a visitor in my own space, it wasn’t until I went into my house share and I actually decorated and really tried to make my space feel like somewhere I belonged that I actually felt comfortable.

  • Keep photos of family, friends, your garden, etc. And add to them while you’re at Uni!

  • Get involved in things! One thing I regret about my time at university, was never trying out any events or joining any societies. Again anxiety, but even knowing that now, I honestly wish that I had pushed myself. My last 2 years of uni were my best years, because I ended up living with, and making friends with, people who pushed me and encouraged me to do things that I wasn’t sure that I’d like… and they have honestly become my most treasured memories from being away from home.

  • Let yourself feel things. There were times were I got very lonely, and very homesick, and honestly that’s part of being human and facing something new. I have anxiety, so it was often a wild ride for me, but I found that allowing myself to actually feel things and think through, and process my emotions helped me cope so much better. A lot of universities have mental health support available, so I’d suggest finding what’s available and using them!!

Didn’t expect to include so many things, but you know hindsight is 20/20… These are just things I found from my experience, but if there’s anything I learnt, it’s that there’s no one way to do things. You just kind of have to find what works for you… It really is a trial and error/ go with the flow kind of thing