I just had the craziest thought that I really need to sleep on and ponder some more!!!

I wanna move to another country!

Now, this is merely just a pipe dream, but it has been something I have thought about many years ago.
I just put the idea to bed because I wasn’t 100% sure yet and I am still a little unsure. Now, I just want to constantly think about it and all the pros and cons of doing such a thing.

I haven’t decided on the country just yet, but I am still pondering that thought! I prefer not to get ahead of myself with this idea because in the end it is only an idea.

Still, I would love to live a foreign country. I just need to figure out which country and work my way from there.

What do you guys think?! Lend me your thoughts!

EDIT: This is nothing more than a pipe dream and not something I can ever hope to achieve without obtaining loads of cash. So, this is just waste of time. Hopefully, I can travel to other countries for vacation someday.

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  1. Make sure you can live by their laws. For example, a place like Singapore is very strict. Americans have been caned there for things they’re merely going to get a fine for here. Conversely, some countries, you may need to look into safe communities to live in because as a foreigner in those communities, you’re a direct target, either taking the blame for your parent nation, or seen as an easy target for lawlessness. (This last point is why specific inner-cities aren’t for me, in this nation. No way I’m living Inner-city New Orleans: friggen way understaffed on cops, right now.)

  2. You want to figure out the average of what type of job you work will pay vs. the cost of living. It has to be a favorable trade.

  3. Directly start looking for “Expatriates” as they will know what you’re facing.

  4. Look at the stability of the nation, specifically with people who know the nation.

  1. Yeah, you are right about that! I wouldn’t want to live in a strict country or anything.

  2. I can somewhat only see me in either a job with writing or retail…unfortunately retail.

  3. Interesting, alright!

  4. That makes sense.

Still, this is merely a thought to dwell on for a bit until I gain the courage and knowledge of moving out.

I have some exciting news that I wanna share, but I will be revealing too much information to strangers.
Sorry about that.