I Just Realized Why I Never Was a Harry Potter Fan...

A major flaw in Harry Potter that isn’t as discussed for one reason or another is the treatment of the non-human characters. They are always subordinate to the humans. Always.

When I think about my favorite characters, especially as a child, many of them were non-human.
Spongebob and Pinkie Pie are two good examples of my favorite characters growing up.

The character in my pfp right now, Gegege no Kitarou, who can be drawn to be somewhat gruesome looking.

It also is about a boy in a world of magic and monsters, but the closest that Kitarou gets to going to a private school regularly is wearing a vintage school uniform which is at least 200 years out of style. Also that eyeball creature is his father. No, I am not joking.

And then, of course, I am also a Dragon Ball fan…which is even more of the opposite of Harry Potter.

Do I even need to explain why?

If you need help filling that Harry Potter shaped hole in your heart, I can give you some recommendations.



Meh, is it even important now?

I was a Harry Potter fan, so I grew up enjoying anime much more. I do enjoy other fictional works, but I’m no longer going to go back to Harry Potter.

Honestly, I think the world-building in Harry Potter is more interesting than anything else, thinking deeply about it.

I enjoy Dragon ball, but I wasn’t too much of a fan. Now, One Piece, I wasn’t into it until I got into it fully.


I just think it would be funny if a recovering Potterhead saw Kitarou lol

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Ha! LOL!

I do remember reading Twilight once, but couldn’t get into it. I don’t think it was all that into Harry Potter as I wanted to be, I was just into a trend with the movies more so than the novels.

Not to say, I didn’t read the books, but honestly I like the movies a bit more. That doesn’t mean I am going to watch it now, because I don’t care about it anymore.

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Srsly, his dad is an eyeball? Um…so what happened to the kid’s eyeball? He seems to be missing one…

The first Harry Potter book was middle grade, wasn’t it? I was already too old by the time it came out, so I just never had any interest. Not to mention, I really couldn’t care less about a boy wizard. I’m not knocking people in the fandom; I’m happy for them, actually. They’ll always have a club they belong to. But it’s just not for me.


His dad is an eyeball now. He used to be a human.

Kitarou was either born with an empty eye socket or had one of his eyes fall out when he was thrown against a grave stone by a man who witnessed him crawl out of his mother’s grave.


Yeah… Muggles were so overlooked… Often put down, like a lesser being of sorts…

Personally, I never got it from the start… “Little horrid twats lean magic (that they don’t deserve) at a wonderful castle without a good enough reason for the most part.”

This pretty much summons up my reasoning of my hatred for Harry Potter, and no matter what, you will never change my mind so don’t even bother…


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If nothing else, I can say that Kitarou is a well-behaved young boy. He stays out of trouble and doesn’t complain much.


I’d like to see a Harry Potter vs modern military cross-over. Wizards on broomsticks trying to sneak through airspace guarded by Patriot and Iron Dome batteries…Or F-15’s armed with AIM-9Xs / Python-5s…

Dodge this, Harry.

The real-life Python-5 has a smokeless rocket motor, and lock-on-after-launch ability. The missile can be launched without a weapon’s lock, and the missile will hunt for a target by itself.


Imagine how powerful it could be if it was augmented with magic!

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Hmm, a phasing missile. One that can de-materials, fly undetected by conventional radar through any objects / armour between the launch point and the target, re-materials inside the target, and boom.

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