I Live!!!!

Hi! I have been very inactive here but I wanna see what everybody’s up to! How you all been? Let’s talk!


Ever heard about Getter Robo?

I have not

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Do you want to hear about Getter Robo?

I… Don’t see why not

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It is a classic mecha series that starts out as a monster-of-the-week type story before veering off into cosmic horror. Also all of the main characters are sociopaths piloting giant combining robots.

That’s neat

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Hi there! :grin:

I’ve been editing like crazy, Japan is having such cold nights I’m wondering “is Spring here or not?”, and I realized a weird thing yesterday about two movies.

Do you know Halloween Town? There’s the grandma who pulls things out of her bag and says the bag is connected to her house.

You know how Mary Poppins also pulls things out of her bag? I wondered if Mary Poppins’ bag is actually connected to her house.

Random thought, I know, but I just realized those similarities yesterday.

How’ve you been?

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Hello! Glad to see that you are back!
I am doing alright I suppose!

How are things in your neck of the woods?


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Hii! I’m good! Just came back from Pre-College

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