I love my Knighthood Federation! So, AMA pertaining to it?!

I love my idea behind the Knighthood Federation more than I should. :sweat_smile:

Anything, here are some things you should know about the KFH (Knighthood Federation Headquarters)

  1. There are five tiers which are Supreme, High, Mid, Low, and Zero.

  2. The organization was founded by the very first Sovereign and her top-tier warrior/husband.

  3. The organization serves as an imperial army/navy/air-force, FBI, police task force, Spy, and anything else of that nature. Instead of helping where the Sovereign and her court resides they help the ENTIRE world of Alagossia.

  4. The Knights deal with dealing wars in peaceful ways (unless Total Cleansing comes to mind), send aid or personally aid nations that are suffering from poverty or a strange outbreak, work as personal bodyguards to high ranking elites and Regals, resolve civil issues and unrest in the nation that monarch and the people can’t, keep Shadowlands (only if a Total Cleansing was caused) from dispersing their toxic mist into nearby nations, which that is rather difficult, and plenty more.

  5. They only perform a Total Cleansing or Purged as a VERY last resort when things are getting horrible for both nations. Like if two countries are locked in a grim warfare that other nations are getting pulled into and it seems like people are drastically suffering, those two countries will become Shadowlands by getting a Total Cleansing. The other nations will get financial and medical and food assistance. The citizens of those two nations will have to move to the other nearby nations in order to start fresh.

  6. The Knighthood Federation’s Headquarters is actually an ENTIRE nation of Knights which is called the Knightly State of Rhellas. So, the capital city is where the Knighthood Federation Headquarters’ palace is located. There are twelve grand palaces and the largest one is where the Supreme tier’s Cavalier King resides. I sorta wanted to model the twelve grand palaces after the Twelve Knights of the round tablet. :sweat_smile:

  7. Knighthood Exams and training are based on the person’s magical abilities, physical prowess, education, and mental health to see if it up to par. If the person doesn’t pass or isn’t seen worthy in their eyes, they are permitted to try as MANY times they want, even while working a job in the Zero tiers behind a Squires which is known as the Standards.

  8. Knights can make an easy living depending on which tier they reside in. In the Zero/No-tiers, a person can make 1000SC biweekly while a person in Supreme tier can make up to or over 50 billion SC.

  9. Anyone can be a Knight, but there is a bit of a catch. If a royal or imperial prince or princess becomes a Knight, they will have to be a royal who probably won’t see themselves getting close to the crown or no longer wants the crown. Also, the Sovereign’s heir or top members of the Alagossian Imperial High Court are NOT/NEVER permitted to become a Knight. Unless they live behind that lifestyle, but they will always be branded as a member of the AIHC regardless of them leaving their lifestyle.

  10. Apartment/Condos/Townhouses can be customized to suit the Knights living in a fancy or semi-cheap way. Mansions and castles are already custom made for the Knight who can afford it. There are housing dormitories, but those are for the Zero tiers who are saving up to purchase or rent. So, they stay there for the time being.

  11. Ask me anything in regards to this list AND/OR something else entirely pertaining to the Knighthood Federation!


Come on over!

The knighthood federation seems very idealistic for a military. How have they avoided corruption since it was introduced by the very first Sovereign?

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That’s on the surface though.

The longer and higher you work in the Knighthood Federation, the more you notice messed up it is.

I tried to mince words in some ways.:sweat_smile:

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  • Sounds like they have a lot of power. Do nations trust the Federation?

  • Do they have morals and codes of chivalry like irl knights?

  • Castles? They can just buy and own a castle if they have the money? Are castles strategic forts with administrative power or are they just luxury residences?

  • How did the Knights form a state? How big is it?

  • Who pays them?

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Yes and no. Because some of the nations worry that if even the slightest conflict breaks out in their nation in a way that blows up and the monarch can’t do much about it, that nation can become a Shadowland.

At the same time, the Knighthood Federation does have a fairly good reputation in regards of helping people.

The organization is slightly independent. Meaning they do work for the Sovereign and the imperial high court, but they also are free to make their own rules and decisions.

Some do and some don’t. Although they “based” on the knights and going with that aspect, they are more like soldiers/police officers/etc for the world. The word “knight” is just a fancy title for them rather than something else.

Yes, their castles/mansions are for living in or working in. Yet those newer palaces and mansions are for them to reside in. The older castles and estates are more for working and doing their job in.

On Alagossia, the continent is five times bigger than Pangea while the countries are the size of the continents on earth…maybe bigger.

Rhellas was a nation ages ago (no spoilers). Moving on, the spouse of the First Sovereign is was a warrior who was gallant and moral and of course chivalrous. His name is Rhellan and he formed the organization which goals is to help and heal the world in a law abiding way.

The state is really big. Which makes me wonder, approximately how many people reside in North America? Take whatever that number is an double it…or triple.

The Cavalier King pays the Knights, but in actuality, the Sovereign and the whole court pays the whole organization to stay afloat and remain everlasting.

Anything else???

What do they get for payment?

In the old, olden days, they got land and workers.

Cash. Either digital or physical.
They get actual money and status depending on the tier.

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Who is the most liked by the public and why?

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Civiria Naetris who is the Knight King.
She is well known in the Knighthood Federation and easily loved.

Although, Jorildyn’s great-great-grandmother was a middle tier Knight who rose to Supreme Tier then left the lifestyle to become a multi-billionaire and business woman, she was immensely famous too.

Jorildyn isn’t there yet or maybe she won’t get there.
Yet she is fairly liked and a bit popular.

But she is nothing like Civiria and her ancestor.
I shall explain more later.

Why? What makes her so loved?

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Civiria does plenty and more for the KFH than the Supreme tiers.
She goes out fighting and helping fellow Knights when things go from bad to worst, she’s always willing to help Knights who are in trouble…depending on what that trouble is, and her leadership skills are both astounding and scary. People, both men and women alike, respect her and are a bit intimidated by her, because she does have a scary side when angered. However, she is NOT a pushover and NOWHERE near overly kind. She knows when to be professional yet show sympathy on the job.

Overall, Civiria getting into the position of Knight King was purely by chance. At first she didn’t want the position in the manner she got it, but she made do with a bad situation and rose to becoming the amazing Knight King that she is.

Civiria also idolizes past Cavalier King which was Jorildyn’s great-great-grandmother. Far as Jorildyn herself, Civiria is a bit hard on her because she wants to know her potential.

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But what about to normal civilians? What do normal, non-Knight, city folk or whatever think about Civiria?

I just realized “Civiria” looks like “civilian” :stuck_out_tongue:

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To a ordinary civilian, Civiria and any other Knight are just random people doing either good things or terrible things for the benefit of Alagossia. They either love/like/respect them or hate/dislike/don’t care.

So, honestly, Civiria is famous in the Knighthood Federation and in few places, but in the reality is that beyond that NOBODY knows much about her and the good she does.

That is the reality of being in the Knighthood Federation.
The only way Civiria would be well-known outside of the Knighthood Federation is if she was in Jorildyn’s shoes and even then it doesn’t grant her immense fame.

The Knighthood Federation is a mixture of secretive and famous.
So, Civiria does good for people who aren’t Knights/ordinary civilians, but at the end of the day she is just some random high ranking Knight.

The only civilians who know about her are the ones who have close relations with the KF. If that civilian doesn’t, regardless of the good she does for non-Knights and Knights, they just see her as some random person or don’t care that much.

NOTE: The Knighthood Federation is a massive organization full of millions upon millions of people as Knights in various different tiers. For someone random civilian to meet Civiria again after all the good she has done, is astronomically big.

So, a regular person is more likely to meet some zero, low, and middle tier than anyone in the high or supreme tiers.

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Why do they need so many people?

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On a planet with a population of 19 TRILLION and counting rapidly, the whole world needs all the help it can get.

Also, PLENTY of Alagossians flock to the Knighthood Federation for an easy living and lavish lifestyle.

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Anyone else wanna try?