I might be in slight trouble!

Pretty much Red Blizzard State is suppose to be about nations fighting during winter.

However, that changed entirely. It is now going to be about an entire mega-super continent engulfed in an eternal yet magical winter that is slowly, but surely taking over the world.

The story is still set in Alagossia, but it is a what-if story in a different timeline where magical powers no longer exists and the replacement magic is super advanced modern technology that feels a bit magical.

Anyway, the mega-super continent is in a civil war of sorts, that has lasted for many years. There are down times and times where people can’t relax due to the heavy fights and battles.

Also, the Knighthood Federation are involved but things are WAY different in this novel than in my other novels set in Alagossia

I shall explain a bit more later.

The only slight issue and trouble that I am having is the overall purpose for the civil war during a magical eternal winter. There might be a potential World War if things aren’t dealt with.

What can the Knighthood Federation do that won’t make the situation seem too easily dealt with?

What can the Sovereigns and their court do to prepare or prevent the entire world from entering an eternal winter when there is no longer any magic? Even with the “magical” modern tech, it is still not enough.

I just have to really figure out things for this story. It does not matter if I reveal it or keep it to myself. I just want to know what the hell I’m doing and if it makes total sense.

What are your thought?

NOTE: The story’s genre is science-fiction on fictional planet.

I still want to give this story a shot.
It is just me going a bit outside my comfort zone, I supposed.

Like it is military, war, futuristic modern technology, dying magic, an eternal winter slowly taking over the whole world of Alagossia, and the overall focus of the Knighthood Federation in a WAY DIFFERENT light.

Well one driving factor for a possible war here is that a sustained winter will mean food supplies run short. So those in the currently warmer climes might resent if the central government say swoops in and takes what they have to distribute to those who don’t. Or conversely those that have start charging gouge-style prices for what they have that the rest of the continent does not. Either situation could fan conflict to life.

I’m not sure on how the rest of this world is set up, or if import/export is a thing… so I’m not sure what else to suggest. Is the rest of this world being affected by this creeping freeze as well?

Preparation could include early harvests and storing the food crops for lean times. Finding ways to use technology to grow food underground or indoors to replace growing under the sun - in the open. Ways to keep their people warm enough not to freeze as the winter closes in.

Right now, it is one enormous continent being affected. Yet the rest of the world slowly starting to become part of the freezing.

This is true.
The only thing that can make this rendered mute is that overtime as the world starts becoming used to the winter. They built special technology that can adapt to climate where they can thrive for many years to come.

Yet what reason would they be a war still? My only option is that the person or thing that caused the eternal winter and pretty much erased magic for good is hiding out somewhere in a slumber.

Everyone can be in a race to find the person and find a way to undo the curse, that overall can lead to everyone pitted and fighting against each other as they strive to find a way to undo the curse and have their nation claim the glory of ending the eternal winter.

That is one possibility.

I think the adaptation might be pressured if this spread is quicker than they can adapt the technology. But yes, eventually they will catch up.

As far as the civil war aspect goes, perhaps the people in charge put a bounty on the source of this problem which incentivizes conflict, because the factions wouldn’t want to share credit or the bounty for figuring it out?

Typically civil wars are based in major social issues (Slave trade, militant dictatorships, etc)

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Are you saying, if I am understanding things correctly, the nations who started the bounty to find the person who caused the mess decide to go their own way in finding the creator of the magical eternal winter which ultimately leads to a “civil” war?

Forgive me if that is not what you meant.

I could make it where, the Sovereigns who rule Alagossia along side with their court, set a worldwide bounty for nations, factions, and more to work together to find the person who caused the eternal winter and caused magic to cease to exist. Yet everyone soon becomes only in it for themselves as people are pitted against each other, making it seem like a race to gain the prize.

Sounds decent, @Darwin?

Yeah that’s kind of what I was thinking.

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Alright, I will write giving what I now know based on the current changes.

Again, thanks for making me understand a bit better, @Darwin!

You’re welcome! I’m glad that I could assist.

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One more thing…I need a proper title that can fit this story even if a little bit.

Because Red Blizzard State sounds…stupid to me.

Maybe just “Red Blizzard”?

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Reminds me of that one story that never went anywhere…Red Reign.

Based on the title.

EDIT: So, there’s re-re-remastered Red Reign: The Breaking of Renna and Red Blizzard.

Too much red! LOL!

Aahaha! Nice

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It’s just a bit strange, but my favorite color is pink, which is a lighter shade of red.

I am tweaking the story a bit.
It lacks…horror.

Chiming in late. How about the threat / promise of external intervention being a motivation for a short, brutal war.

The (for now) non-involved nations could view the war and expanding winter as a threat to their resources (food, air, water, trade routes, strategic territory), form a temporary alliance, and issue an ultimatum…If the war is not concluded within a month, the alliance military will invade and eliminate all hostile forces…The fighting parties, realising time is short, then seek to capture the most territory / resources / prisoners to ensure they have the best negotiating position for the pending ceasefire.

Only negotiate from a position of strength.

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