I moved into a new place [what have you been up to?]

I thought I should tell you guys because I did make a post before I moved. So, naturally, I thought it might be nice if you knew I have moved and started to settle in.

It’s strange though to have a partner working from home all day long. Like he’s there all the time, but I can’t bother him…

Today, I woke up and didn’t know what to do with myself because he already started work and I couldn’t even say “good morning”.

Anyway, I haven’t been writing because of the moving and settling in. What have you been up to?


Nothing really.

Congratulations on the move!


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Thanks :grin: Idk how permanent this will be but for now, we’ve got a two-year contract :wink:

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Enjoy the time you and your partner have there.

Makes great memories.
I sound like somebody’s mom or something. LOL!

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I appreciate it :wink:

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As long as it’s not in the middle of phone calls, I’d get coffee for the spouse and “good morning” him. It’s just not monopolizing work time. We had to do school during COVId from home, and that was me having to interact with my own child during it.

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