I need a beta reader

Hey everyone,

So, I’ve been writing my story for a few months now and I usually only get criticism when I do Read for Reads and some of my readers who actually read the book sometimes only vote or comment on a few chapters.

I would like a faithful reader, who would read my book and talk about my characters, where I could discuss with him/her about the storyline, the universe I created for my story, etc…

Or, the reader could just read the first chapter and tell me what I think, if it’s interesting, if something is missing, etc…

Anyway, the story I write is a Mystery/Drama involving vampires and werewolves (however, many other creatures appear during the chapters, some created by me and most adapted to the story, that is, they are not like the conventional creatures that already have a story of their own) that takes place in 2009 in a small town in California. The story involves typical problems of youth such as relationships, parties, personal problems, etc., but it also explores deep the mythology developed.

I could give you a permanent follow on Wattpad or any other social network as payment :slight_smile:

I put new chapters every week, so I promise not to keep you waiting.


The small town of Tidepeak, California, is haunted by supernatural creatures. Johnathan Romani and Kurtz Bryer have been best friends since the third grade and are exemplary local school players.

While they’re caught up in an ancient prophecy about vampires and werewolves, they both meet Nicole Adams, a beautiful new student, and soon become attracted to her. However, the young woman corresponds only to one of the two interested, and they start a dispute for her heart.

The mysterious death of the sheriff’s son in the quiet town starts a series of problems for the popular student Johnathan Romani and his friends.

They end up realizing that several people in the city are involved and that are many dark secrets are behind the case.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/202587097-when-the-moon-rises