I need help in naming this story, please!

I got a story that is nothing like my other stories.

It is a fiction novel that is pure modern contemporary focusing on a Black-American family of billionaires and multi-billionaires dealing with so many ups and downs before, during, and after COVID along with other issues after the matriarch of the family dies and her children along with other family members scramble to deal with their problems while struggling to move on after the matriarch’s sudden death. There will be some mentions of BLM and other problems dealing with racism and more along with the family’s ups and downs of being famous, successful, and overall being black in America.

This is a ENTIRELY new experience for me! I will only do this as a fun thing and nothing too serious. I just want to test my skills with trying new things in fiction writing.

So, again, what should the title of this story be? I will use the format I’ve used for the House of Naivin story for this one…somehow.

What are your thoughts?


Do you already have chapters written? Perhaps you’ll find a title while looking at the chapters again. I often find titles like that :relaxed:


Not yet. It is all still brainstorming and whatnot.
I am going to use a temporary title for the time being until someone comes up with something more interesting.

What’s the dead woman’s name? You could call it The House of Mirabelle or whatever her name is. Or The House Mirabelle Built or something along those lines. Or maybe reference the business – how did they make their money? If she became a billionaire from a makeup company, you could call it something like House Built of Lipstick or similar. Are they doing well without her? Or is it all collapsing after her death? You could title it something related to how a house crumbles. Or try a title generator:


Coralyn Monroe.

Coralyn married into money or rather married into more money because her husband is the son of a multi-billionaire and he later inherited the wealth and business.

Coralyn’s husband owns a major business empire that involves tech, cars, and fashion. Before Coralyn married her new husband (his name is Jeremiah), she was an author who was on her path to fame and wealth.

Financially, the family is doing great in fact better than ever, but family-wise not so much.

Coralyn had this wonderful gift to bring people together and make them happy and enjoy life. She became the glue that kept the family sticking together.

Her death cause the family to drift apart and make their own wealth/success, but forget the most important thing which was their love for each other.

Only two of her children realize that and want the family to be a family again more than ever now that life is testing their patience and resolve.

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Ugh! I feel like a huge liar!

I can’t do this story! It hit WAY TOO close home and makes me angry.

Anything story relating to planet Earth, pisses me the hell off! I hate reality and all it’s issues.

I can’t do this story because it is too real and lack the fantastical wonder that I love to write and read!

I can probably add this idea in my science-fantasy story somewhere.

Because doing this type of story lacking fantasy, magic, advance technology, royalty, action/adventure, and wonder will drive me to punch the hell out of someone.

I got to write a story that will make me the happiest woman in the world. So, I will add this idea in my NEWLY REVAMPED House of Naivin story that I want to create.

I am truly sorry for creating this thread and wasting your time, everyone.

So, I am going back to creating strictly stories for my fictional world of Llyria and enjoy my creative time with it.

Again, I am sorry @Akje and @fennanwinters.

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