I need your expertise, fantasy writers!

So here’s what I’ve been thinking for the magic system in my book, from most common to least:

-manipulating the earth
-manipulating the self
-manipulating others

Manipulation of the earth meaning like being able to make plants grow quicker, make it rain/stop raining in a certain place, etc.

Manipulation of the self meaning things like invisibility, shape shifting, etc.

Manipulation of others is… think the Imperio curse in HP, except it’s more than a puppet, if you nurture it and train. You can heal others’ maladies, or you can inflict injuries and maladies upon them.

Here’s the part where I need help- I need names for the people with these powers. Like ‘manipulators’, or ‘shifters’ etc. Like so the characters can dramatically gasp and say ‘Look out- she’s a shifter!’ right before catastrophe strikes.

Also, do you have any ideas for names for characters? I know what I’m naming my protagonist- Magda, short for Magdelina- but I need names for pretty much every other character in the novel, here’s a rundown of people I have so far who I either don’t have a name for or don’t have a fitting name for:

Jack (I like the name, but more for a theif or rebel than a king, which he is): King of a neighboring kingdom (also the love interest) who Magda goes to in order to form an alliance, he’s skeptical of her at first (because of her magical powers- his parents where killed by magic), but as feelings blossom and he sees how much peril her kingdom (and his, in turn) is in, he decides to help her and so ensues the adventure.

Queen: also Magda’s “mom” but not really, she actually adopted Magda for Magda’s powers so that Magda could be her heir. She’s extremely manipulative, plays around with Magda’s feelings a lot.

King: Magda’s ‘dad’ again not really. He wasn’t involved in the heir scheme, he was actually a good guy, but the Queen manipulated his cells so that he had a sickness which cast him into a coma and they keep him alive by magic. He was trying to rid the kingdom of magic, because magic (unbeknowest to everyone but him and Queen) is like a cavity, turning his people into zombies without freedom of thought, and/or making them drop dead.

And then I have other characters too (don’t worry my story’s not so flat as to only have 4 characters lol) but they’re less major and I’m having no problem naming them- for example, Magda’s ladysmaid is named Dahlia.

I’m really sorry if this makes no sense at all, I’m extremely bad at blurbs and anything resembling blurbs (like this)

Help! :pleading_face:

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Are you looking for real names for the characters, or made up names?

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Either, I find that I like made-up names a lot more than the more modern ones like ‘Taylor’ and ‘Peyton’ and that though. I take any and all suggestions, though, so if you’re not sure if it would go or not just take the chance, I might love it

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For Love interest: Eldrian, Arthur, Matthias, Raymond, Roderick

For Queen: Hilda, Isabelle, Deirdre, Genevieve

For Coma King: Grigor, Fredrick, Bernard, Nathaniel, Marcus,

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Ooh, I like those! Especially Bernard for the king, I’ll keep them in mind!

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Yay! Happy to help!

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Power Names:

Earth: Imbuers
Self: Emitters/Ingrained
Others: Enhancers

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Ooh, I love those! They sound perfect for my novel. I’ll definitely play around with them, thanks so much for suggesting!

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I’m good with world building names.

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