I think I've forgotten how to use punctuation

I don’t know what has happened to me (I’m suspecting this current pandemic is taking it’s toll on me) but I seem to have lost all sense of grammar and punctuation. I’ve not exactly forgotten how a comma (this goes for other types of punctuation too) should be use but I for one definitely have not been using it correctly and feel as though I’ve been putting them in my writing randomly or not putting them in at all where they should be.I was fine with using punctuation before the whole lock down procedures happened, admittedly not the best but at the very least passable but it looks horrendous.

If anyone can suggest anyways to help improve my punctuation and grammar or any exercises or sites I can look at, it would be much appreciated.


The biggest thing with any piece of writing is most definitely making sure you’re understood, without regards for conventions and the like.
Perhaps my most notorious example:
“Everyone knows that if they want to succeed in life, they should work hard and get a good rest.”
Which, at first glance seems fine, but it is technically ungrammatical to use ‘they’ in this sentence, though it still gets its point across effectively. So, instead of trying to learn the conventions and stuff, the best thing you can do is give it to a someone, and ask them to proof-read it for sentences that are hard to understand.