I used to not care that much about comments and reviews, I sorta miss that in an odd way!

I shall explain in depth.

When it comes to ratings and comments, I’ve always had mixed feelings about it. I would like other times to know people’s thoughts, but other times (most times) I wouldn’t care about others thoughts on something.

I guess I would go into something blind with zero expectations and come out of it happy or unhappy. Nobody had to know and I didn’t care if others would never know. I just watched or read something and moved on to something else to consume my time.

Nowadays I would comment or say my thoughts on something, it feels weird and something great to me. There are times when I wouldn’t share my opinions on something and just accept that it made me happy or upset. I wouldn’t share that with anyone online or offline.

I could be a force of habit when I didn’t socialize much and when I did I was hella annoying or weird about things. So, I would just gush or rage about something in silence because that is all I know. I also just want to enjoy something without commentary and come out of it with my own opinions on the matters. If the majority hate and a few like it, then it’s whatever yet interesting to ponder, but vice versa or mixed reviews are also treated the same with me.

I sorta miss that in a weird way. I just rather engage in something without dealing with comments. This depends on what it is, obviously.

Like a television series, a movie, a book, manga, an anime, a video game or something else, I’d rather go in a bit blind and care less about comments and reviews. I can always know the plot and characters beforehand and do it that way. I believe I did that with my top favorites like Gintama and Tower of God. I don’t know, this is just a personal thing for me.

I feel the same about giving advice and recommendations to people. Whether I know you or not, I don’t like telling people what to enjoy or do, simply because I enjoyed it or did it. Do your own thing or go to somebody else! It ALWAYS leaves me in an awkward and uncomfortable position.

Thoughts and feelings?



What are your thoughts? Oh the subtle irony!

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I wish the comments on every website were hidden by default, and you had to click a button to view them. And then I wish that one button would reveal ALL of them at once so you didn’t have to keep clicking to see more and more comments. That’s so annoying when you can only see a single comment thread at a time. (-᷅_-᷄๑)

Sometimes I’m really interested in what other people have to say, and then other times it’s just a clusterfuck of stupidity and I’m sorry I looked, especially when it’s about politics, feminism, patriarchy, etc. Hot topics seem to be a magnet for a-holes.

When it’s book reviews, movie reviews, etc. I’d rather go in blind, but then see what everyone else has to say after I’ve read the book or seen the film. I’m always curious whether other people agree with my opinion on those things, although really I don’t know why. So what if everyone else on Earth hated a thing I loved? It was still a good thing to me. I need to get stronger on that and stop letting other people’s opinions sway me on things. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯


I prefer going into new media blind as well, without comments from others. I like to form my own opinions first, then engage in any commentary or social activities regarding the subject afterwards.


This is exactly the kind of thinking all the writing advice article people should have, imo. They’re always telling people to do things (using words like “should” or even “definitely”) and that’s not how advice works :sweat_smile:

For me, this depends on what it is. Movies I go blind. Books well, I used to go into books completely blind without looking at reviews until one day I absolutely regretted it. Now, I always check reviews if the book is a hyped book. Others, well, depends.


Honestly I just don’t give a shit about comments and reviews :joy:


Comments can be the best part of some videos.


Thanks for the comments everyone. I am going to tackle the comments later, yet keep it coming though.

Some are funny, others are mind-boggling stupid and cringe.


I need to be more like that.


It sounds like a command. I command you to use this “advice” or you are a sucky writer.

Like I don’t understand why they do that. That isn’t how giving advice is supposed to work.


Yeah, I only care about my opinions on the matter.
I hope that doesn’t sound rude or selfish. LOL!


I know what you mean by that and I agree because it is hard to not let other people’s opinions get in the way of me enjoying something. It’s like people want to make me feel terrible for something that I personally enjoy that isn’t causing harm. I don’t get why I allow myself to feel that way. I am far too sensitive and I would love to change that.

It’s exhausting to care so much.


This :point_up_2:

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…You get comments…?

Anyway, my humble perspective on the opinions of others (who haven't paid for their "knowledge")



If you are the smartest person in a room, you are in the wrong room ~ unknown quote. The same applies to online comments sections.

There are two ends to a horse, which end do you want to deal with / get your info from ~ old business saying.