I wanna be a poet now...any advice?

I’m thinking about making a volume of poetry called The Deep, and its centered around overcoming negative emotions so it will definitely be more on the sad side. Problem is I haven’t written a real poem since 4th grade, and I forgot what fundamental principals there are to writing poetry. For I while I “hated” poetry and now I think its cool. What are some basic things I need to know about poetry?



Interrogate me.

first of all, you need to know the literary device utility box, why repetitions in not always bad, and how to pun without being punny.

but mostly, string incoherent thoughts together the way you like them, because it’s your poem.


Make sure you’re having fun as you write it and don’t focus so much on making it “deep” and “profound”.


I was born deep and profound, that isn’t going to be an issue. My issue is that I am too deep lol.


Deep in what is my question.



I’ve been told that I am deep what I slap words onto a page. I feel thy pain dramatic fainting


I mean I know my similes and metaphors and stuff. Is that what you’re talking about?

Good bc I want to use repetition

That’s normal for my brain.

One question though, I don’t need to put periods at the end of each line right?

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My book of poetry is literally called The Deep


Deep in emotion ig?

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after attempting to write a short without real characters, I know there are many more.

Personification is very useful. Assonance is useful for making writing appear stretchy while consonance makes it crystalized and crunchy.

repetition - the rule of three creates an ambient effect. Use with caution.

also, try to taste the words.

it depends on the poem.

if you have a rhyme scheme and rhythm, I highly recommend it. it’s almost mandatory for structured pieces, while free verse is pure madness and that’s where you make the rules.

I have an unruly habit of combining the two.


Here is my first poem. Tell me what needs to be improved and what you believe the meaning is etc. It’s called SOS.

If she was drowning, you’d run after her
If you were wiser, you’d know it’s just a trap
You rise to the bait everytime and get caught in the net
And every stepping stone provided has snapped

You looked into her eyes and said “that’s fine”
And gave her everything she wanted
I’m doing the same thing to you, it’s not new
We are the same…that’s all I wanted

So you have fallen again
Trust me I want to make amends more than anything
I’ll be here to help you
I hear your distress call, SOS
Because of you, we’re a sinking ship, let’s save our ship

It’s that time where she is fishing for you again
You see the shiny silver hook and grasp
We are nothing but dumb little fish attracted to the line
Let’s learn from our past

So you have fallen again
Trust me I want to make amends more than anything
I’ll be here to help you
I hear your distress call, SOS
Because of you, we’re a sinking ship, let’s save our ship


Thank you! I’ll take that into account.


Isn’t the thing about poetry that there are no fundamenral principals, that you get to do what feels right to you? Sure, there are some common formats, but in the end, it’s all up to you and how you’re feeling at that moment, right?

In others words: git going and just do it :stuck_out_tongue:


It makes me see curves. I can tell you have a style. it’s strange, like a cavern’s echo, and it places its mark somewhere that makes me uneasy…

I’m torn between commenting on its unwitting positivity and its extreme dissonance.

Maybe it’s just me envisioning little bird-fishies. Go on.


My style is pretty strange, I don’t even know if I have a style yet. I just write about things that loosely make sense. I think you could definitely tell that the person writing it is someone who is a novelist but also wants to write poetry lol.

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you have a vague style. both ways.

it’s being vague.

also reads like song lyrics w/o the melody.

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I was intending for this poem to be a song (I sometimes write songs too), but I had this good idea for a set of poems to be set around the deep sea, which irl I am afraid of oceans and I can’t swim, so it’s both a literal and metaphorical representation of myself and what is going on around me.


ooh, interesting.

I could put a couple like that here and risk memories returning if you want.

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none of these are finished, btw.


It’s so ornate -

Every world you breathe
Every lie conceived
Form your mouth

It’s so ornate -

Neither truth or myth
What you’re whispering
Is extravagant, yet deadly

So ornate -

Distracting, but it’s useful sometimes
I know it,
To be so alive!

Hellish Paradise

that demon is a beast,
With a hatred for the world
That is so strong that you can feel it
It will burn your heart and soul
As it consumes you
And it’s too hot to resist!

Yes, it feels like I die every day
For that reason,
For this madness,
It feels like I die every day.

The hate, resentment,
Anger and sorrow!
The demon,
She feeds on my pain!

But I live like this!
But I like it!

Oh, That demon,
The demon and I,
That demon,
She keeps me alive!

Grey clouds

In the kitchen,
Waiting for the sun to rise
Sittin’, sippin’,
Coffee just to pass the time
‘bout the past a-hundred days…

And you realize:
You’re broken
When when you’re sitting,
Playing poker
Holding tightly
To your last remaining chips…
And your last remaining hope.