I want to create an Israeli (or Jewish superhero) but someone who isn't evil like Sabra, please help ♥

I’m an aspiring author who just happens to be Jewish. I want to create an Israeli superhero (or just a Jewish superhero in general) but I don’t want to upset anyone. In particular, I want Arabian and Palestinian people to enjoy and support my superhero as she will support and love them. I haven’t named her yet but all I can truly say is, as a Jewish woman, I do not support the creation of Sabra and her thoughts and beliefs. I look forward to your help, thank you! :heart:

Gal Gadot was the first thing that came to mind for me. Might be a good place to start in terms of a face claim, also, her story as an actress is pretty inspiring.

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Definitely. I absolutely love and adore Gal. Thank you for the face claim recommendation :heart:

For the main character though, I was debating about her ‘superpower’ and her age and where I wanted the story to take place.

I thought that perhaps she comes from a small indigenous group that specializes in healing. I want the main character ability to come from accidently consuming (or being injected or sorts) with a flower or plant know for it’s healing properties and gains the a light power (think Stella from Winx) but powerful (think Viktor from Umbrella Academy) because her abilities of light can also burn (and more, still detailing lol)

So, now I’m a bit stuck. Besides Gal Gadot (I originally thought she would be perfect but the actress is a bit older than expected and I totally forgot she will always be Wonder Woman).

I’ve chosen the actress Maude Apatow who is an American Jewish. Here’s her picture: File:Maude Apatow at SXSW Red Carpet premiere of BLOCKERS (39852920695) (cropped).jpg - Wikipedia (or link lol)

My favourite Jewish superhero would be Zohan (that film is both a documentary and a comedy), and my favourite Jewish anti-hero would be Magneto* (from X-Men: First Class). Anyway, here’s a list of Jewish comic characters I found on Wikipedia. Might be of some use. Oh, I don’t know of many (officially) Jewish / Israeli anime or manga characters, but it could be worth researching too.

Contemplating superheroes, I guess the main character (Freyja) in my current work (long overdue for an update) could be considered a superhero but its not a superhero story. Freyja’s supernatural abilities are a result of prototype medical science, cybernetic implants, and Commando training. She will become an usually shy and polite Israeli** Spartan (Halo reference)…A common theme in my research, the most passive and gentle warriors are also the most dangerous (never disturb calm waters)…

Random thought. Have you considered making your character a Mizrahi? So they have a mix of Jewish and Arabic / Persian culture or heritage.

And here are two threads you could use for future photo references…
IDF Photos.
Military Women Photos.

Cheers and a very early Shabbat Shalom :slight_smile:
(Well, its Firday down here)


I recently learnt that Xavier was based on David Ben-Gurion, and Magneto was based on Menachem Begin. Interesting.
By your methods you are Irgun, by your fatalistic optimism you are Haganah, but in your heart you are Israel ~ Exodus (1960s film).


Piece-o-trivia, Sabra is slang for a Israeli-born Jew and the name of a native pear. They have similar qualities. Hard prickly exterior, soft sweet centre…Freyja’s an allround softie, until someone upsets her friends…


A jewish superhero. For some reason, i never realized that was a thing. But im interested. The healing idea is a good one. Maybe the plant is a rare plant, like the whole idea of the tree of life (like the eden tree in Robert Downy Jr.'s Dolittle). Somerhing that was made into a serum and then given to her. The question would be why. Why give it to her. Was it an accident or intentional? Who is the group that did this? Stuff like that. And if her ability is healing, how does it make her strong and how can she use it to protect others?

Sadly im still very poor on my hebrew so i dont know what name you could give her. Its not hebrew, more i think latin or greek, but hhe word Solidago, which is the scientific genus for thr golden rod family, means to make sound or whole. So that could be an option for a superjero name. As for a regular name, im partial to Hadassah

Thank you for the information! I never realized how many superheroes were actually Jewish (Batman and Batwoman) and anti-hero (Harley Quinn). I haven’t looked into the anime character yet but will soon.

Is your story on Wattpad? If so, please send link so I could check it out. I’ve been in a major mood of watching superhero shows and reading stories as of late.

I haven’t but when you recommended it, I started looking into face-claims (I usually do so for book covers lol) but the only actress I found was too old for who I had in mind (possibly a student or young mother, haven’t decided those details yet)

And thank you for the early Shabbat wishes, today’s Friday for me lol
Shalom and cheers! :heart:


Yes ~ I recently discovered via a friend about Sabra. Originally I was confused as to why she was getting so much hate until I actually looked her up! Thank you so much for that. I was thinking of perhaps a light-themed power that could heal and also attack/damage. Though if this were a mmo, she’d be more of a support role.

The plant I was thinking of being a sort of ritual. The group I was thinking of are based off Judaism but called something else and they interpret the teachings wrong and… destroyed the original tome they had and replaced it with a sinister one. They’re sorta indigenous but I wouldn’t consider them so, more like a cult of sorts. Basically, their elder for years and years ago ‘Saw’ a vision that spoke of invoking a Sister of Clarity, who would bless them with their wishes of fortune and priceless gemstones. But when the child the elder spoke of was born, they had to wait for her to turn 18 in order to invoke (basically, smoke the rare flower into the air for the girl to inhale. Even though they wore ritual sigils, the fumes killed all but her. The reason why the power came into contact is because she was being burned by a ritual knife and ‘flames of a false god’.

I’m still working on her direct abilities but I figured that it’s a good idea to get inspired and do more research, etc lol.

I’ve chosen the superhero name: בְּהִירוּת (Clarity) – I’m not entirely sure the english written version of the word but most likely her superhero name will be Clarity. Still working on a civilian name and what her life is like outside of being a superhero but I think I’ve found a good face claim.

She’s Mexican Jewish. Her name is Ariela Barer :grin:

Ohh well this idea sounds intriguing. Will your story be on Wattpad?

Not gonna lie, your idea about the cult made me think of the whole kabbal stuff thats filters through over the years…

If im reading that hebrew correctly, would it pronounced Varoot? Im probably butchering it a little, and if so, i apologise.

Here’s a Wattpad link to my current work (Goddess v2.0). Only three chapters so far. Still stuck on how to plan the fourth chapter.

Oh, some of the characters are from my previous novels (hosted on Smashwords). My stories follow a group of ex-Special Forces mercenaries (more like an extended family) based in Be’er Sheva, most of them stay at Karen’s villa. Heh, the character Karen shares Batman’s superhero ability: unlimited finances.

For Jewish mythology, and the Tree of Life, you could look into Kabbalah. The history / heritage of the Hamsa may also be of use. It is a popular talisman / decoration in Israel.

Thank you and yes! My story will be on Wattpad :smiley:

I haven’t really heard much about that. My mom and I are basically (reform of reform of reform of reform Jewish…) I will need to catch up on our history!

What do you think of her name as Varoot/Clarity? (Not sure of the Hebrew either since I haven’t learned it yet… :frowning: I’m terrible…

Thank you so much for both! I’ll add your story to one of my lists - it’s all cat themed btw lol

And this info! This is undoubtably useful! Thank you so much :heart:

Israeli cat characters, hmmm....

^A possible result of the Free Trade agreement between Israel and Japan. That was once an Israeli Merkava tank.

^Galil demonstrates the Israeli approach to problem solving. Galil might be a dog-like character, but she’s close enough.

^I party therefore I am (Israeli motto).

^IDF Unit 669 (Special Operations Search and Rescue) has a cat with wings on their emblem.

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Oh when you post it, send me a link. Id love to read it!:grin:.

I know a little. Basically enough that i stay away. Me and my parents are Christians who became Messianic Jews.

I think its perfect. And it sounds nice too (dont feel bad. I have the rosetta stone software to leatn hebrew, but ive slacked off. Know more Japanese then Hebrew. Hehe. Plus some areas if the software are confusing)

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Will do :smiley:

I’m going to make a seperate thread regarding title :slight_smile:

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Just thought of something. For cat derived names beginning with K you could have Kfir, Hebrew for lion cub…and the name of Israeli ‘homemade’ jet fighter,* based on the Mirage 5 design…You could also have Khaim, using the Hebrew word chaim or chayim (meaning: life) spelt with a ‘k’.

*Here, kitty...


I’ll have to on the look out for that thread then

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Lol, no cat themed superhero! I was referring to my reading lists, which are cat themed :joy: