I'd love a cover for a book:))

Hello~ I’d love to have cover made for a story of mine, I’m probably gonna use it for the Nanowrimo site but I’d definitely use it for wattpad :)) it’s mostly about the forces of heaven and hell fighting against each other (Hell/Lucifer being the good, Heaven/God bring the evil)

Title: HellRise (two separate words conjoined if you know what I mean?)
Author Name: Aevyn A. Maestryn
Genre: Fantasy, LGBT+, Action
Mood: Dark, very mature (think about religious truama and murders)
Cover type: I have a thing for vectors and manipulated covers, but I’ll leave it up to you to choose which one looks better or what you’re more comfortable with:)
Ideas: basically I’d like a dark background with a ray of light shining down from the top and fire at the bottom (some embers and sparks flying around), feel free to add some sort of dark debris and filters:D I would prefer if you add some sort of wings/feather maybe as a shadow or actual props on the surrounding edges, some type of black flower/thorns/vines would be lovely (could also have a silver border). Maybe also black magic/mist? :eyes: feel free to incorporate as much of that as you can!

Title/font could be overlayed to blend into the background or beveled

Forgot to add that a gothic castle/cathedral is optional but would be lovely

Main character is actually a woman with very long slightly wavy black hair, do not have a real life person in the cover, I’d prefer silhouette or not at all

Really badly drawn out idea

Drawings/writing to help

Lilith and her girlfriend

Lil sketch of an excerpt in my story

More info on her

She likes wearing sleek dresses<33

Colors: I’d love a lot of silver (kinda like a black and white scheme)! But sprinkled with some red blood/orange embers maybe? The background could be a very, very dark red

Vector inspo

This one right here is my favorite and could be worked on:

Manip inspo

This one is very close to my idea!

Payment: it can be negotiated, I can follow, read, comment, etc.

Tysm for anyone who tries! I really appreciate your work and I will also repay those that were not picked either!!


I like the idea of Hell being the “Good Force”, and Heaven being the “Corrupt Force” which turned the world against Hell.

The struggle of Hell rising up to out the corrupt organisation that Heaven has placed upon the Earth. Finally overthrowing the “So called powers of the Heavens” and bringing about the “New Order” of the universe, even if it brings about a “Battle of Ages” upon the Earth…

Crude, Horrendous, Evil against Good (Reversed), with the minds of Humans to be swayed, and with suffering to boot!..

If you could do this, then I’m reading it for sure. Reason… I’m too busy to do this myself!


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You explained the concept my story so well! Thank you for the offer, I loved the analysis of both sides :))

I have a rough draft of a short where Heaven forsakes Mankind, and in turn Mankind gives up on Heaven.

The Angels feel that Mankind does not deserve to have the world to dominate, and sets about destroying them…

At the final battle, and Mankind’s last stand their is a “Last Star” which falls from Heaven and fights for the right of Mankind to exist… And in doing so, the Angels fall to one of their own, and Heaven is no more…


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If you don’t mind, I’d like to give this one a try over the weekend! ( I’ll do it for practice and if you like it you can keep it if that’s okay with you because I’m not 100% sure it’ll turn out the way you want. )

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That’s so interesting to hear about, I’d love if you’re comfortable with sending me the short to read?

You’re welcome to try, there’s no pressure of trying to achieve all of my ideas (it’s a mess I admit) I’m excited to see how it’ll come out, take your time:)

Hi! I’d like to attempt.

Just to clarify the title, it’s
and not Hell Rise or Hellrise ?

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Yep! Maybe something that looks close to this below? It just makes sense in my brain as being one word but also being two words at the same time-

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Got it! :smile:

One last thing I need is a short description of your book. You did give a really short description, but if you have, I’d like a little more.

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Oh sure! I can grab a link from nanowrimo since it’s the only thing on hand- NaNoWriMo if you need more, just let me know :))

I can’t seem to find it :stuck_out_tongue: It told me to login and I did but that was it. I can’t see anything other than my own account.

Well, how about you answer these questions instead:

  • Is the MC an angel in heaven or someone from hell?
  • Does the story scream “fighting against evil! and lots of fighting. Lots of action and dark fantasy. And probably some gruesome deaths of thousands.” or is it more like “fighting against evil in a calm, calculated sort of way, doing lots of sneaky things with spies and assassins. More sophisticated.”?
  • Is there romance as a major subplot?
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I like the premise for your book as you described it so I thought I’d try and throw something quick together. I’m by no means a professional, so no payment required, even if you decide to use it. I did two versions based on the description of what you wanted. Not sure which I like better, so I figured I’d put them both up. The only difference is the inclusion of the feather.

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Aevynnn :eyes: I’d love to give this a go! <3


It’s in a poor state, and needs much to clean it up, and finish it properly. I don’t think I would throw that at you anytime soon.
But thanks for the interest.


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My apologies!! I realized the setting was on “buddies” so it wasn’t able to be seen :sob: hopefully it’s able to work now as its on public NaNoWriMo

If you know about the creation story of Adam and Eve, you can think of the MC as the first woman before Eve (therefore human) but has joined Hell and recieved dark powers as such!

Definitely the second one, it explains the premise really well tbh

I’d say yes! There’s the capture of Lucifer’s lover that becomes the cause the fight, and the MC is fighting to be with her (human) girlfriend since those from Hell are forbidden to set foot on Earth. But I’d rather not have it on the cover unless you wanna add some black flowers/petals (which the MC uses to signify her love :))

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Thank you for attempting this! It looks really cool but it’s not what I’m looking for:)

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Ooh I’m excited!!

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Of course, I’ll look forward to the story whenever you’re ready!

Here’s my 1st attempt :blush: I have another attempt that is whiter, but I’ll finish it tomorrow. My eyes are closing I’m so sleepy XD

Btw, all those questions were only to decide the font for the title :stuck_out_tongue:

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