If happiness was a physical location, what would it look like in your mind/eyes?

Yeah this sounds real cheesy, but I wanted to do something fun and interesting.

So, tell me, if happiness was a physical location, what would it resemble?

Go on, tell me!

If expenses were not an issue...

…Or if I wanted to travel in a more time-efficient manner (and had a Monaco sized wallet)

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My bed.

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It would look like Arillion… Without the troubles of impending danger and war,

I see Acoss as the garden of Arillion. It is a strong built city, and full of great fortune. But it’s tiered gardens are what draws my heart. Tis a beautiful place, and it’s very streets are a wonder to behold. From the cold waters that fall into its uppermost citadel, to the lakes at its feet, the very city is full of life beyond the peoples who dwell there.
The City was built around the land, and its wonderful creation of nature.

I cannot wait to write about it further within my tale, even the destruction of it is a glorious thing that I have held in my mind, and notes.


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Does a situation in a physical location count?

A book shopping spree at Barnes & Noble.

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