If you watch BookTube, why do you watch it?

ah, i see. yes it would be very difficult for Alex to step up to the slo-mo histrionic implosion of Norman Boutin


Toxic in what way?

Oh, interesting. So, you don’t mind watching spoiler filled reviews of books you haven’t read yet? Why is that? I enjoy watching spoiler filled reviews of books I know I’m never going to read, but I do avoid the ones that I want to read and only watch them after reading the book.

And what do you mean by covers of songs? Do you mean like songs that come out in books? :thinking:

But there is a Gamer YouTuber community though, isn’t there? I wonder if it has something to do with major publishing houses using booktubers to promote their books?

So, do you watch book reviews that spoil the story? Or book reviews that spoil the story somewhat, but not the most important parts?

Do you choose books in advance for this or are you more of a mood reader? What do you do when you’re in the mood for a big thick book? :stuck_out_tongue: (or maybe you’re never in the mood, idk XD )

I find it interesting that it’s repetitive. It’s not like there’s a rule in place that to be a booktuber you have to definitely do the same things that all other booktubers are doing. Who decided that? :stuck_out_tongue: You said you don’t enjoy it anymore because it’s repetitive and for that reason, I go back and forth with my level of enjoyment with booktube. Even the people I like to watch tend to repeat content and it just gets boring :sweat_smile:

So, you only watched spoilers of books you didn’t have time to read? Did you tend to avoid spoilers of books that you’re in the middle of reading or that you really want to read?

@copyedit @NotARussianBot I like how you guys are just casually being sarcastic and critical about books and their authors XD I was grinning reading your exchange. I would love to see someone make a video where all they do is casually, sarcastically criticize bad books :stuck_out_tongue:


Just wanted to highlight this golden response. Idk why but this reminded me of a scene in Star Trek on some planet where they have to do some sneaky exchange deal with some sneaky alien in a dark, sneaky saloon in a dark, sneaky corner in low, sneaky whispers.


Yes basically, I avoided spoilers for books I was reading or that I was about to read and was super excited to read :face_in_clouds:


There are people who only talk about video game news, people who analyze games, people who review games, and Let’s Players. Many focus on specific genres and franchises, which leads to more games being discussed overall. I can watch a guy who plays FNAF fangames and a guy who plays Final Fantasy and Elden Ring without much searching. People like Weird Video Games talk about the weird parts of games, primarily. There isn’t a channel that only talks about the weird parts of books-worse still, most of the video games WVG talks about are a lot older than what gets regurgitated on Booktube.

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A cover is when someone else sings a song by another person.





I know that :sweat_smile: But we’re talking about Booktube, so I didn’t get how they’re related.

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Yup, I don’t mind spoilers! In fact, sometimes I read the full synopsis on Wikipedia before reading or buying a book to see if I’ll like it. Whenever I buy a book it’s often YEARS before I ever read it. I hate myself for buying so many books just because everyone was talking about them. (♯ᴖ.ლ)

Definitely a mood reader. I keep a tbr list of books I stumble across that sound good, and when they come up for sale heavily discounted as a kindle daily deal or on Bookbub I’ll buy them. But then I often won’t read them until years later. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

I actually keep a list of all the books I own listed by book lengths! with the shortest books on top and the longest ones at the bottom. So far the longest books I own are

• Gravity’s Rainbow [ 770 pages ]
• Middlemarch [ 784 ]
• Dune [ 890 ]
• The Three Musketeers [ 900 ]
• 1Q84 [ 946 ]
• David Copperfield [ 1215 ]
• The Tale of Genji [ 1224 ]
• In Search of Lost Time [ 1604 ]
• Dream of the Red Chamber [ 2500 ! ]


Interesting to see this here. Is this popular? Or just something you’re interested in personally?


I’m not sure where I ever saw the synopsis for it, but probably on Goodreads, and it sounded interesting. One of the oldest novels in history! Although if it’s ever made into a movie I’d rather watch the movie. It would be epic! One of those flicks that gets a dozen Oscar nominations. ( ˆ◡ˆ)۶ ٩(˘◡˘ )


It is an old novel. I had to read some of it in school for reading language class :stuck_out_tongue: When we had a class on the old Japanese language. Honestly don’t know why we have to learn it. It’s like if kids in the states were forced to learn Latin.


More like Beowulf. I read a translation of Beowulf alongside the Old English text in school.


I should have clarified it more I meant if I want to read it I avoid them but if I have no interest I don’t mind watching it. And no I mean like covers of songs that you usually see people post on their own and have nothing to do with booktube. The one YouTuber just adds somethings that have nothing to do with booktube in their weekly reading vlogs.


I mostly watch AuthorTube these days because a lot of BookTube videos I’ve come across with those I’ve subscribed to usually are nothing more than people giving reviews (bad, good, vague, spoilery) about books I’ve never read—many of which I’ve never even heard of. In a way, yes, this can be good for an audience who is also prolific with their reading habits and can also give recommendations when said books are underrated. However, I’m not an avid reader. I wish I was, believe me, but I don’t read 50 books in a year. I’ve barely made it to 20. So, I tend to not watch many videos from that side of YouTube unless…

  1. It’s a book I’ve actually read. I tend to watch book reviews after I read a book just to see if others (specifically my favorite creators) had similar thoughts, and if they liked it or not. It’s also interesting when they dig deeper into the story and discuss about things I didn’t think about before.

  2. The video talks about books, but isn’t about book reviews or recommendations. I like seeing videos where it’s a game, like “Do I have a book with a flower on the cover?” and the BookTuber has to dig through their library to find that kind of book. I also enjoy it when they discuss specific topics on a deeper note, like with Merphy Napier’s “Dear Authors” series.

  3. Vlogs. Not reading vlogs. I mean, I sometimes watch them if it’s a book I’ve read, but I’m mostly talking about visiting bookstores and libraries. Jessethereader has done this where he goes on adventures in New York or Japan to visit all sorts of indie bookstores.

Here’s just a list of videos because why not. xD

Like I said, bookshopping. I love watching vlogs like this. It’s comforting. Haha

Bookshelf tours is another thing I love seeing because I envy people with beautiful, glorious libraries.

I also enjoy reaction videos, like this one, just because (as I’ve said before) it’s interesting to see how others think. Do these creators have similar unpopular opinions or would they think the opposite way and why or why not?

I would say it various on the person’s definition. In my mind, I see it used interchangeably because BookTube is on YouTube. If you’re quitting BookTube, you’re most likely quitting YouTube. However, some people may say they’re quitting BookTube, but they’re not actually quitting YouTube… and this is where context is important because what they truly mean is that they’re shifting their content from being about books to something else entirely. I’ve seen this happen with multiple creators, but they didn’t say they were quitting so and so and shifting. They just said they’re no longer posting more of said content and gonna then make content of something else.

I ramble on here for a hot second.

BytheBrooke did this with her AuthorTube—she took hiatus and came back saying she no longer wanted to make writing videos (and had said she hadn’t touched her manuscript in like over a year). She wanted to change the content of her channel from writing to cover design.

Sam and Colby did this with their (not BookTube lol) channel where their main thing was about exploring abandoned places. They mostly started off with trespassing onto properties and running away from guards, etc. Then they got arrested because of said trespassing, changed their exploring abandoned places (like, the whole thrill of finding a way through a building) to getting permission to explore said place, kind of didn’t work with them, and then shifted their entire content to ghost hunting videos. They still explore as it is their brand (XPLR), but it’s not like before.

I even noticed it with SuperCarlinBrothers (also not BookTube). They began their channel by doing random conversations, and then they did a few nerdy videos—one particularly talking about the Pixar Theory—and then that shifted their content to only making videos about nerdy stuff, most specifically, theories within various fandoms (Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter, Disney, and Pixar).

I also find that odd because, honestly, the foundation of BookTube is talking about books or bookish things. I mean, that’s like saying Markiplier isn’t a real gamer because he doesn’t always play games in every single video… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I feel that. xD

Though, to be fair, some of them are fast readers and others may do BookTube full-time. And… some may not be reading all of the books on their hauls. I’ve seen some people (specifically on BookTok) who have hundreds to thousands of books, but don’t read a lot throughout the year. Like, they may read quite a bit, but not dozens to hundreds of books. Some of them have said that they’re more likely to collect than read which is fair because… same. :rofl:

I got into watching BookTube several years ago—when I realized there was such a section on YouTube besides how-tos—and was really interested because as someone who is a reader and lives in a family who doesn’t read as much as I do, it’s kind of hard to connect. Like, my dad reads but not as much anymore. My sister reads, but she’s either working or playing on her phone to relax so she doesn’t read much. Whenever she does read, however, it’s usually for work. And while I don’t read a lot, I read a good dozen or so books a year (I recently finished my seventeenth book) which makes me the “avid reader” of the family. So, because I can’t talk about books with them (as they don’t understand) or I can’t go into detail about a certain topic in a book with them (as they won’t understand), I wanted that connection with other readers.

But… I soon learned that I didn’t enjoy watching videos about things I wasn’t in on or things that were kind of boring (like unboxings—not a huge fan, unfortunately). I connect more with AuthorTube because of the advice, the writing vlogs, talking about our work in progresses, etc. I eventually found some BookTubers who also wrote on the side or BookTubers that had more to their content than unhauls, hauls, reviews, and recommendations—people like Merphy who would talk about topics that can help writers (again, Dear Author series).

A few years ago, I actually tried making a BookTube/AuthorTube channel that would cover both areas into one but it just didn’t stick with me… xD


I would make it to twenty if I can just finish reading Perdido Street Station XD I know I’m in the middle part where it’s slowed down and hopefully we’re getting to some build up, but it’s a thick book and I need to be in the mood to reading something fantasy but serious.


I love this series! Sometimes I pick my favorite ones before writing to get inspired :wink:

That sounds cool! I mean, the going to a bookstore part :stuck_out_tongue: I personally can’t watch those because it makes me wish I had time and money to spend on that many books.

And some people shift without saying much.

Heeeeey, brother! :smile:
I used to watch them a lot. I’m more interested in long video essays about social stuff these days. But I’m still subscribed :wink: I used to watch the heck out of their Pixar Theory videos because I was new to the idea then.

Oh my gosh, yes, exactly XD The same can be said for PewDiePie. Honestly, what is his channel even these days? Did you see that he’s living in Japan now? It’s so weird to see he’s posted a video 50 minutes ago and our time zones are exactly the same XD He still gets millions of views despite not always gaming.

I think it’s hard to do both at once, but maybe there’s a way? Feels like there should be a way.

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