If your main characters could, what would they say about how you've portrayed them in the stories?

How would they say it? Would they say that you’ve wrote them perfectly or say that you know nothing?

If you know your main characters, then this should be a simple thing for you. And you can choose any main character from any of your stories that you’ve completed or are currently working on at the moment.

Tell me in great detail.

Thoughts and feelings?




Have fun you guys!

Honestly, my characters would be too busy arguing amongst themselves about who got the most accurate representation the say anything to me :joy:


The portrayals would matter less than the intrusion, in most of them.

Memoirs of a Luna. It’s supposed to be portrayed from Rachael’s view. She would resent me as another “God”, forcing her to be more than herself. Nathaniel would be laid back until I set her off. I’m just some old 40 year old woman who isn’t getting in the way of him leading his pack, other than thinking of scenarios of hell that he’d have with or without me, from the werewolf worldview.

I think Lucian would be paranoid that I’ve been spying on them, to write their story, in this NaNo event. Avery would probably flirt until I leave just because making me uncomfortable would likely be goals.

Esme would want to throw things at me for putting her through the hell of being clumsy when she should have been graceful. TMaKCT is an earlier story of mine. Althalos wouldn’t tell me much of anything until I allow his wife to die. He might snap on me.

Vance won’t care–it’s given him this awesome set of in-laws that feed him. Anise would be annoyed at the concept that I exist, and the sooner she can deny me, the better.


LOL! These are some great reactions!

That’s another alternative. LOL!

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And that I’m convinced of their reactions, It means they are distinctive personalities to me. Which surprises me, since they’re facets of me and those I’m close to.

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For Esme, you need to be ready to duck and cover, because you might get a table thrown at you or something worst, right?

She might not connect. Coordination issues. Althalos, after he loses her, knowing I wrote that? You ever seen an angry dark elf that can open the space between worlds to access monsters that mindlessly hunger for living blood? Do you have an inkling of what his reaction would be?

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Bad, really bad…

Yes. This is why it’s dangerous for the author to be in their story. These things that are written are NOTHING like the vengeance that would come our way.


I remember making a thread a while ago on what would happen if your characters met you.

Many, many people stated that they will be beaten or killed because of it.


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No if’s ands or buts. We put these people through hell.


True, very true!

One would say, “Of all the nerve! You’ve portrayed me as little more than a raving killer! I only speared that blaggard with my sword because he was strangling my one true love!”

The other would say, “Odds bodkins! You’ve portrayed me as a foppish libertine, you bounder! How dare you! You shall taste my blade. Meet me in the meadow at dawn with your second and your personal physician. I shall provide the weapons!”

(♯^.^ღ) (უ‸ლ)


Shit, that’s accurate, you a friggin’ alien probin’ my mind or somethin’?”



Oh goodness, I’ve actually got a “self-insert” fiction with this sort of exchange…

From "Chance Encounter"

“I’m sorry, for all the things I’ve put you through.”
Put me through?” Cabal asked, stilling my hand by capturing it in his own. There was laughter in his rich voice, and pain, and just a touch of remorse. His ice-blue eyes were intense on my face, only softened by the smile that said he wanted me to understand something I had not yet grasped. “What makes you think you made the choices regarding the way my life has played out?”
“Well,” I flushed. “I write it.”
He shrugged. “Yes, you write it. You merely document things that have already happened to me. I at least get to make choices about it – it’s more control than you’ve ever been allowed.”
I found it a little boggling that he, a being from a future I would never see, was telling me I was writing his past. That thought chasing tight circles through my head made me dizzy, and I steered my overactive brain once again away from it.
Cabal had gone on to say, “There’s nothing to apologize for. I’m flattered, actually, that you consider that mess worth chronicling.”
“Are you kidding?” I crossed my arms, smirking. “Every day I think about something with Only Half – I mean your life.”
He leaned closer, that predator’s grin coming out again. “I know. Miranda would be jealous, but you at least include her. So she’s being tolerant.”
I flushed again.
“Thank you.” He cupped my cheek with one hand, and I realized that it reached from my chin to my temple. “I wanted to let you know you’re doing a fine job. I’m grateful.”


I’d like to think she would call me a pig for exploiting her story, then raise her glass and tell me I did it well.


A Character from a short story which is unleashed, Dante. He does what others cannot, for the good of those he cares about.
He was cast out from the town where he lived for killing the son of a Council Member, this son hurt his wife (wont go into trigger points here for those whom may have encountered such matters). So yeah, he was branded upon his left hand with the mark of M (Murderer), and sent forth into the Apocalyptic World that this tale is set in. But a storm of a thousand years hit this settlement and buried it overnight.
Dante never left the settlement, though the people witnessed him leave, he returned when the storm grew fierce and walked over the now buried gates. Once back he began to assist in saving all he could. When the storm passed, those who were left chose to take the long road east to the Tower City where they could find sanctuary.

During this journey Dante does terrible things, and some don’t agree with his ways, but are thankful for them. His best friend Thomas knows of his pain, and his loss, and as such holds the cards to their survival in a choice to let Dante go, or have him in their company.

“He is too dangerous to have with us.” Jorge said fearing that he would bring death upon them.

“Dante is true to his heart, Jorge. He does what others cannot, and he does this for all of us now… He will not be cast out by any here, understood!?” Thomas replied and gave Jorge a stern look.

Jorge looked deep into Thomas’ eyes and saw understanding of Dante’s nature, and pain. “Agreed!” he said at last and nodded.

I think Dante would like how I portrayed him, he is ruthless, kind, and misunderstood at times… Even a little crazy and mindless at times… But what he does, is for the safety of those he cares about… And that is something we can all relate to at times…