I'm falling behind on nano so i want a cover for inspo lol

Title: The Truth About Samantha
Author: A.R.Willows
An 18 year old boy named Jess learns that his next door neighbor, Samantha, is not only the love of his life, but his sister, causing what he once thought was a stable and manageable life to turn upside down in a world of confusion, panic and therapy. Jess attends college hoping to get his life back under control, only to find himself, once again, thrown into an unfair system where bad luck just keeps happening to him. As he struggles to stay afloat in the storm, Jess may just find love in another, and learn to understand his new feelings for Samantha.
Genres/Themes: Literary Fiction, Drama, NA, coming of age, poc, lgbt
NOTE: please add your wackywriters username small, in the corner of the cover

Inspo type things: I’m thinking this should be a typography based cover, or something done with artwork, not irl people.(but it could be a photograph edited with photoshop to look like art if that makes sense) (note, jess is a poc, samantha is Caucasian) I don’t know why but the color pink is really sticking out here in my mind
I’m kind of feeling something like this

sketched it in 5 secs flat

but go freaking wild, im so open to ideas! you can always pitch a sketch to me to see if i like the idea

payment…um…this is the hard part cuz I have ZERO time to read anymore, but if i select one I could make that person a logo( i designed the banners for wacky pumpkin and wackynano)


Boop!(because i only seem to make topics when the site is dead)

I’m thinking of doing this, though note the thinking lol I have no idea if I’ll have time. Can you describe the characters a bit more?

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Yeah ofc lol
I don’t think I have any set in stone written “this is what they look like” So this is mess with able as im coming up with it off the top of my head!

  • For Samantha: I think she’s tall. By tall i mean 5’5” so maybe that’s not tall but it is to me lol. I think she also has strawberry blonde hair in the summer that goes a little brown in the winter. She has brown eyes, the same dark shade as her father and Jess. She kinda looks like the movie Lily Evans in my head???
  • For Jess, he’s tawny, kind of harvest moon in skin whereas Samantha is more pale, they both have warm toned skin though. He’s only slightly taller than Samantha. His hair is like a poof that he likes to let grow wild and free cascading down his head, though never letting it grow past his chin.

So any kind of artwork will do or does it have to specifically something along the lines of typography?

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Sooo, something like this? :no_mouth:

(Edit: Tried changing font color & added glow effect)


Lol this is nothing like what you requested, but I thought I’d shoot my shot :joy:

The truth

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Okay cool! Might take me forever but I might actually try and draw them since I’m trying to practise my art lol I guess we’ll see what happens


Eek! Well this exploded… um um…

Anything really, I don’t have a specific idea in mind (which ik is difficult and i am sorry)

@Zena that looks really cool…you should be proud of that!!!

@PastelStickyNotes that ones really cute! (You should also be proud)

Yeah no worries! Excited to see what you come up with : D


Okay sorry for all the questions lol but do you want just Samantha, just Jess, or both on it? Or do you not mind?

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Never be sorry for asking questions, it’s always a fantastic thing to ask questions! Especially as a designer

And i have no preference : )

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I made something pink and text-y. :joy:

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Okay. Don’t expect much. I whipped up a quick one.

I will be using this as an example in my graphics thread. I hope you don’t mind.


Awwwww thats cute lol, thanks!

And @bottle_of_rum oooooo that looks cool, I don’t mind at all!

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Let me know if you use it else I will use it as a premade!

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Yeah ofc! I’ll make an update soon when ik what im using

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i’ve given this a go; not what i wanted it to be but ay

a hidden treasure


Its cute tho thanks bella, really appreciate it :smile:

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I should be picking soon, it’s hard lol

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XD But good luck tho in NaNo!

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