I'm Looking After Kittens!

The issue about the food has been resolved! We made a homemade formula and bought kitten food for them, da babies are doing good.

Also I figured since I already made this thread I’ll keep you guys updated and send pics of them too!
Thanks to everyone who contributed to the convo on the food!


Google is your friend, use it.

Soak bread in water and use a paper towel for them to suckle on until you can go out and get kitten formula and a syringe from your local pet store.

Once you get formula, its pretty easy to use. You just mix it up with warm water, put it in the syringe, hold the kitty, put the syringe in their mouth, and very carefully dribble it in while they suckle.
If she isn’t feeding them at all, you’ll need to do this every few hours.

If you can also try dribbling formula around her nipples to help guide the babies latch on. If you have a kitchen scale, try weighing them to make sure they are gaining weight. They should gain a few ounces a day I think, but look it up to be sure.

If she still isn’t feeding them and you can’t get them to eat from the syringe, contact a veterinarian for help. They can guide you through it and investigate whats upsetting her if she is have trouble feeding them.

Hope that helps!


Also if they are already a month old, they might be weaning off of her which usually happens around 3-4 weeks, so you could try switching to dry or wet kitten food. Or, soak dry food in a little water if they are having trouble eating it.


I tried googling it, and nothing seemed to help. I’m afraid kitten formula isn’t readily available where I come from and if it is it’s crazy expensive. I’m also afraid the veterinary services here are very limited.
But still thank you!

That’s what I was thinking! Me and my mum did try to get them to eat some dry kitten food soaked in water, but they didn’t seem interested in the slightest :sweat_smile:

Yeah, when I found my cats in my yard (super tiny, 4-5 weeks old) we fed them cat food soaked in water. We also fed them milk with egg, but we learned later (like 2 months after we found them from our cat-lover neighbor) that milk is bad for them, so maybe don’t give them that lol
I know we also fed them wet tuna for a while, but i can’t remember i think they were a little older

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This is actually the third litter of kittens me and my fam are looking after,(first was our first stray Josephie’s kittens, and second was Oreo’s big sister Momo’s kids) the other litters didn’t do this at all, that’s why we’ve been worried.

Honestly, maybe they’re just picky

Thank you! That sounds a lot like our experience lol It’s weird finding out milk is bad for cats when you hear so much about them loving it


Where you able to try wet cat food? Or a protein like chicken, fish, or egg? If all of they aren’t eating anything I’d be worry about them being sick. If you can’t do formula, the bread water might still work if they just wont switch to solid food, but its not going to work long term. Its more of an emergency substance…

Sorry, thats all I’ve got! I helped raise abandoned kittens a few times but they switched over to solid food about now without too much trouble. With one cat we did need to try a few different brands to find what she liked, because she wouldn’t eat certain kinds.

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Thank you so much, you’re a life saver! I’ll def try those!

That’s more then enough! Thanks a ton!

Ikr? It completely bamboozled me when I found out

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you only find out about it when you have to look after a cat lol

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Buy the kitten Formula milk messes them up idk where giving them cream came from

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Here’s a pic of the babies eating their dinner.



She’s feeding them, just needs some encouragement and support while doing it. She’s still v young, less then a year-old.


PS. They keep biting my fingers! They’re not even 2 months yet! Why r their teeth so sharp!!


He fell asleep in between the sofa and a chair, right where someone had misplaced their jacket. He’s so cute!


They’re adorable! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: How in the world are they all white though? I’m glad they seem to be doing better, they look happy and healthy. (Trust me, I’ve had momma cats not take very good care of her kittens).

Unsolicited advice

The only thing I would recommend is that the momma needs to be spayed after the kittens are weaned (wait a little while so her milk production disappears) so she doesn’t get pregnant again. It’s more expensive to keep having to feed cats than it is to spay. If you plan on keeping the kittens it would be recommended to have them also fixed at around 5 months old.

If you talk to a vet I’m sure they can work out a payment/deal to get them fixed. I’m not sure where you live, but you might also be able to find a low cost spay/neuter clinic as well.

*edit for changing the details title

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Gimme moar kitten pics! :heart_eyes_cat:

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Thank you! I think it’s the father’s genes.

Thanks for the advice! We’re working on getting that done, but due to the pandemic our local vet isn’t active.

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Da baby’s sick!

He’s the runt, so we were expecting him to be weak. But now he’s sick, and I’m so worried about him!