In the fictional realm in your story, what happens to the previous ruler of the land?

Mine is interesting.

The title given to the true ruler of Llyria is called the Sovereign. The role of Sovereign is passed down from female to female and is never given to a male. However, when a new Sovereign is needed to be crowned, the old Sovereign is in a sense “dying”.

Now, mind you these people are completely immortal, but can indeed age, just slowly. So, when they “die”, they are actually going to another realm where they can continue ruling as monarchs for eternity. That other realm is called Ekradelia which is a mystical parallel world similar to Llyria and where former Sovereigns go to live the rest of their days ruling together.

So, Ekradelia is a heavenly plane for immortal beings who “died”. Solana, the current Sovereign, was “killed” but ended in Ekradelia and is trying to find a way back to her family to be with them and find who “murdered” her.

The Sovereign who is going to take her place would be her eldest son, but since he is male and pretty much doesn’t want the position anyway, he is also trying to solve his mother’s murder.

So, Sovereigns go to Ekradelia to live like true monarchs and some of them even reach godhood.

It wasn’t Solana’s time to “die” yet, so she is wandering a heavenly plane that wasn’t ready for her.

Now, what about you?


This is an interesting thread!

In my story, ‘The Arbiter’s Garden of Life and Death’, there is a simple realm ruled by the Arbiter, a deity of fate and was married to the deity of spring. But the deity of spring vanished (she was murdered) and her soul vanished from his garden (each flower represents a soul - mortal or not). 1500 years later, her soul reappears as a mortal with her soul being a black rose (which according to representation - is death, hatred, despair, sorrow, mystery, danger, obsession).

In this realm, you cannot alter the soul’s fate or change the flower, but you can guide the souls along to find their place. But the Arbiter tampers with her soul and gives her the red rose - true love. (and ultimately giving the black rose to the protagonist whose soul morphs to a lotus - rebirth - instead. But to tamper with the souls of mortals and immortals is treason and he’s exiled for eternity with the protagonist becoming the new Arbiter :slight_smile:

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Wow, that sounds really cool! I like that idea!


It really makes me wonder. Like if the physical human body decomposes and the soul reincarnates as a flower or some other plant life, I really like that idea. It’s interesting!

Don’t know why I went that deep, but I am pleased in a sense. LOL!

Well this is awkward. The current previous ruler is alive and kicking :rofl:

Okay, but really. When these people die, they normally go to Renyai (basically Heaven) unless Death decides they need to go elsewhere which has only happened one time that we know of (coughcoughmaincharactercoughcough). Some of them end up in KenKai (basically Hell) but they have to do some pretty bad things to end up there. After that, the next holder of their power takes over the throne (or continues ruling without their assistance) and the cycle repeats.

Not very exciting but that’s probably a good thing :joy:

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I don’t spend a heck of a lot of time on the history of a people, except where it’s culturally needed. And as bad as rulers can get, very few of them leave a lasting impression on society, looking back.

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Well…the chief Guardian does not stop ruling. BUT his made-immortal subordinate Guardians do change up from time to time. It really depends on the stone.

Basically, there are these stones that have magical properties and some kind of sentience. The magick comes from the chief Guardian. It’s like pieces of his power scattered across multiple stones to help rule the planet. The stones, more or less, choose the next Guardian. The chief Guardian can also be involved in the choice. It might be centuries later or decades later. No rhyme or reason discovered as of yet.

Okay, so a stone chooses the next Guardian and vanishes to go to the new one. Previous Guardian realizes their time is up so they must go and find the new Guardian to train them in the ways of a Guardian and also to help them hone the Guardian’s power.

When the new Guardian is ready, the previous Guardian will give all the power to the new Guardian and die. The magick has been keeping them alive this entire time, so take that away and they die. It’s an honorable death, a sacrifice if you will, to the chief Guardian.

This is the standard way things happen meaning that yes, sometimes things go wrong.

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