Introducing Frost 4.0: The Netflix of Writing Apps

Hello my fellow writers!

A few months ago the platform Frost became quite popular on this forum and I am more than glad to share with you guys that we just launched Frost 4.0.

4.0 has been launched and is ready to be used by public. Here’s what’s new in 4.0:

  • Dynamic Themes (subtle background movements that help you focus)
  • Ability to shuffle background image and music
  • Shortcuts (so you don’t have to leave your keyboard to access functions)
  • 100% Full bleed option for an edgeless experience
  • Over 17 hours of new music
  • 30 new themes!

Yup, this year we went all in. Frost 4.0 has been called the ‘Netflix of Writing Apps’ and I am more than excited to see what you guys think about it and incorporate it in your life.

Here are all the featured that were already in Frost 3.0 and are still available to use for free:

  • Completely distraction-free
  • Ad-free Music
  • Ability to download your file
  • Dark theme
  • Overall ad-free experience

Here’s the official film and the platform is Works on laptop/desktop devices. Chrome is preferred and headphones are recommended.