Is it weird to watch book reviews for books you never read or plan to read?

I am subscribed to YouTubers who do book reviews and some of those books I either heard of but never read or never read nor heard of.

It’s strange because I like how excited they get about the books. Though I never read some of those books, but some of them I’ve heard of yet never thought to touch.

There’s a chance that I may get those books, but then again who knows.

I think I watch it because it makes want to regain a love for reading like I previous had in my younger years. Where I can get that excited and intense about the book I am reading and enjoying the same way I do with writing my own fiction.

So, I am just watching their videos to see how they respond to the book and maybe I shall read it when I get the chance.

The thing is I have an interesting reading habit where I read along to an audiobook. So, I have both the physical copy and the audio version.

Is it weird or not remotely?

Thoughts and feelings?



What do you think about it?

No, I do it all the time. And I’m the most normal person who ever existed.


Whew! I am glad I am not that alone, in that regard!
Thank you!


That’s completely valid. I do it too. I almost obsessively watch the fantasy reviewers, and I have zero interest in reading them. Some other YouTubers I watch talk about really niche, hard to get or out of print books, so there’s no way I could read them even if I wanted to lol.

I’ve read audiobooks along with the physical copy a bunch of times too. It’s not weird. I read The Dark is Rising along with the BBC production over the holidays. I’ve also read Kite Runner, The Silent Stars Go By, Dubliners and Elizabeth Finch that way.


If I want to be in the loop about something everyone is raving about, and would never watch/read muself, reviews are my best friend in that aspect.


@JohnnyTuturro and @JojoDahlia:

Thank goodness for the both of you making me feel like I am not weird!
I appreciate that!



Given what ADHD has to do to stay focused when we can’t hyperfixate, this is a sound reading strategy. It’s how I read, as a teen, when I was aiming to retain details about the writing.


So, it’s a good way to read fiction?


Absolutely. Your mind wanders from what it sees, and the hearing backs it up, and if your mind wanders from what it hears, the reading backs it up. Decent focusing mechanism.


Thank so much!

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I don’t find it weird at all. I think most people have a similar experience and reaction where they watch the reviews and get excited over books they’ve never heard or read, even if they plan on not buying them.

The book reviews, book hauls, or anything else they do is a really good way to get the books out there and let readers see new potential. You may vibe with this book because of the cover, or you may not want to read that book because of the description the BookTuber gave. Or, perhaps, they gave it a really bad rating and it made you want to read it to see why they made it so low, or if your interests lie similarly with theirs, you may find yourself picking up books from their 4+ star pile.

I, personally, don’t watch book reviews or hauls unless I know they’re going to be reviewing a book I’ve read. I like watching those because it helps me see what they think and compare it to my own opinions.

I have, on the occasional side, watched reviews or hauls where the book was one I owned (but haven’t read) or wanted to own (and haven’t read), or a book that was from a self-published writer, specifically one from AuthorTok or BookTube/AuthorTube. I mostly watch these ones to see what others think of them, even if I don’t plan on buying it.

Same. Lol.

I rely heavily off of Libby and Hoopla for this reason—I cannot afford an audiobook and its physical copy. So I do my best to pair up my reading habits with what Libby and Hoopla has.


Not weird at all. If you read the comments under those reviews, the users always say stuff like, “I’ve never heard of this book before, but you’ve convinced me to add it to my tbr!”

That’s what book reviews are for anyhow–whether on YouTube or in magazines, newspapers, or whatever. They’re evaluations of books many people have never read to help them determine whether they might want to read it or not.

I bookmark certain YouTube reviews of books that I have on my Kindle but haven’t read yet, hoping those reviews will get me in the mood to finally read them. I fear I’m going to be the last person on earth to ever read The Secret History or The Kite Runner. ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

The best thing is when you find a reviewer who shares your taste in books, and they recommend a string of them that turn out to be wonderful. I’ve never had that happen yet, except in reverse–every book Leena Norms has ever recommended has turned out to be a complete dud. (♯^.^ღ)

But never mind, I follow her anyway because she’s a likable person, and I agree with her views on universal basic income, being childfree, and other stuff. Sometimes the smartest people just have horrible taste in books. (>‿◠):v:

So are you following sci-fi and fantasy reviewers? Or just general book lovers with no special genre? I’m following Willow, CSOP, Kate Lumsden, Shawn McComb, The Book Chemist, and a few others, but I think I need to find more specialized reviewers. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

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Not weird at all…



I need to look into if there is any psychological explanation of FOMO. It doesn’t quite make sense to me.


Nope. Some of my favourite podcasts / YouTube videos are reviews or summaries of books I don’t own and probably won’t read. Sometimes the podcasts act as alternate story themselves, especially if the podcasts involve an interview with the author.




No i love doing this, sometimes i just wanna know about the book without having to read it if it doesn’t interest me, or it sounds good and makes me out it on the list of books i want to get around to reading one day. I see it as kind of like window shopping but with reviews lol.


I watch a lot of videos of books I’ll never read mostly because the YouTuber is interesting and I like to hear what they have to say. Sometimes it’s because I want to know what the story was like without having to read it myself because I’m not that interested in it. Like, ACOTAR. I watched a spoilery review series which was also entertaining.


Hey, welcome back, friend!
Happy New Year, Ena!

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