Is the Llanos cottagecore?

Most cottagecore is in more temperate areas of the globe, like the US and English countryside. But there is a large region of grassland in Venezuela known as the Llanos(pronounced yanos) which should, by all means count.

Picture evidence of its beauty:

You decide if it counts.

Ah, jeez, you always come up with words the old lady has to look up.

Which is hilarious. I’m a friggen walking encyclopedia and I have to look crap up still.


Anyway, it’s beyond temperate climates. If I knit a scarf, it’s cottagecore.

Which is friggen hilarious, too. Here I am, having made dresses by hand, and am thereby that and I’ve live in a swamp. “My neighbor is a cranky alligator that eats small dogs.”

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You would be called a swamp witch in certain circles.

I ask because it is part of my ultimate plan to convince my friends to listen to Simón Díaz.

If you can put a house like this in Venezuela, then it’s cottagecore to me. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

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Does this do?

And I’d cackle.

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Too modern for peeps.

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Look, the traditional pueblo style ranch house isn’t exactly the most fairtytale looking

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Doesn’t exactly look like a farmhouse…

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That’s because it’s the wrong pueblo style.

“Ancient adobe homes” is either Arabian Nights or El Dorado.

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Look up “Adobe” and “thatched” at the same time, look at the results:

Things like this.

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It’s a cow and horse farm

Thatched adobe makes me think Mongolia, northern western Russia or Africa.

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Would it be cottagecore?

But really, those “primitive builders” who build for YouTube videos are just mud builders, which is all that Adobe is. So mud houses are very common.

What I would like to build is things like a cordwood house (which people will do with soda bottles, glass or plastic). Or am Earthship.

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If it’s built as an old cottage, yes. Old cottages are really shacks or shanties.

Shanty has shifted, since it just meant a home made of debris, and became the 3rd world slums made mostly of corrugated tin. But a shanty used to be the first house you built on a piece of land in the wilderness. Dugouts were common.

The problem is that Cottagecore seems to shift past function and level of use and into pretense, so it’s more about 4 bedroom homes with checkered tablecloths and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. It’s fake.

But then that doesn’t really surprise me. It’s the difference between people who actually build mechanical clocks (need cogs) and those who decorate their clothing with plastic cogs that couldn’t withstand use.

So, if you wanted to use the asthetic but poke fun at it, you use a place that still is in need and lives a lifestyle having to meet with those who think it’s a style and let the trainwreck ensue.

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