Is this funny? (Or is it just me?)

I like reading humor, but I’ve never been the best to write it. Or rather, I don’t think I’ve been. I can’t judge my humor writing because maybe only I think it’s funny?

Do you find any of this funny? If not a big old chuckle, maybe a smirk or a snicker? Makes you laugh through your nose a little?

this thing

Title: The Hamster Economy
(excerpt of the first chapter)

There came a time on earth when World President Humphrey Bangle noticed the shortage of iron and copper. It was a small thing to lose compared to the shortage of paper which meant no one could ever write a proper memo to themselves ever again, but it would still be a problem because iron and copper were the only materials they used to make coins.

So, he called up his secretary Lucy-May Gray to call up every one of his associates to hold an important meaning.

Important,” he stressed to her and gray Lucy-May nodded her frail head. She had been working as the World President’s secretary for thirty-three years and should be retiring but such a loyal and stubborn thing, she wouldn’t allow even the World President to fire her.

“My life is to serve. Without it, I shall perish,” she would say hotly if anyone were to ever bring up the subject. So, at the age of seventy-eight, she continued to work night and day as the World President’s secretary.

It was half-past noon by the time everyone showed up in the Oval Office at the Green House. It used to be called the White House but ever since the big boom of eco-this and eco-that, the previous World President had a meeting that trickled on for six months to change the name of the World President’s house from white to green.

President Bangle quite liked the Green House name. He thought it suited him because his middle name happened to be “Greane”. And, despite the fact everyone knew this, he never failed to bring it up, forcing everyone to say flattering things like, “Ah, yes! Truly! Very good, Mr. President,” as though they had never thought to notice it.


I think it is ver humourus, I imagined Lucy looking like a bobble-head figure.


Yes, I like the humor and the meandering style. I read Terry Pratchett for just that reason… And occasionally my work has that kind of humor in it, where you can’t tell if it’s just observation or meant to make you die of laughter.


@NotARussianBot @J.L.O Thanks guys!

Maybe I’ll finally publish The Hamster Economy to Wattpad. I have the perfect cover for it.


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