Isn't this an exception? Thoughts on this lit mag?

So, I was looking for lit mags to submit to and found this one… I’m not submitting, but I might just try to write something with those words.

I go down memory lane for a sec

Reminds me of the good old days of “Flash Five” which was a Figment thing where you would have to incorporate five words into your flash fiction story somehow (if anyone knows what I’m talking about… hi, I can’t believe I still remember that contest).

But anyway, I noticed something strange that also makes me wonder how good they actually are… unless I’m reading it wrong.

In their submission guidelines, they say no exceptions whatsoever and in the next paragraph they say, “any form of the words/elements” are okay. Is that not like an exception? :stuck_out_tongue:

3Elements Literary Review is a themed literary journal, and all THREE elements (the specific words, Fugitive, Swing Set, Pinecone—art & photography excluded) given for the submission period must be included in your story or poem for your work to be considered for publication. NO EXCEPTIONS WHATSOEVER.

Your story or poem doesn’t have to be about the three elements or even revolve around them; simply use your imagination to create whatever you want. You can use any form of the words/elements for the given submission period. For example, if the elements are: Flash, Whimsy, and Seizure; we would accept the usage of Flashed, Whimsical, and Seizures.

Anyway, they are free to submit to and they don’t pay you. Although they say they like any genre, I haven’t seen fantasy in the last two issues. Probably won’t submit because that’s all I can write these days :stuck_out_tongue:

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