It's my tenth year anniversary on Wattpad today.

I recently realized that today was my tenth year anniversary to Wattpad where I joined August 20th of 2012. I was fifteen then. I’m now twenty-five.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be where I am today, I probably wouldn’t even be here, if it weren’t for Wattpad. I wouldn’t met any of you amazing people. I wouldn’t have gained so many various accomplishments throughout the years. And I wouldn’t have found a love of the writing and reading community as I have through joining Wattpad so long ago.

My life has changed so much since then, and I know it sounds silly because why wouldn’t it? I was a teenager then, an adult now. But the truth is: my life didn’t fully start changing until three years ago. Before then, it was roughly the same as it was when I was fifteen. I look back and wonder what life would’ve been like if I had quit writing like I planned to not long after I opened an account. I wonder what life would’ve been like if I wasn’t determined enough to learn how to write and practiced. I wonder what life would’ve been like if I chose to live in envy, jealousy, and insecurity like so many of my peers had done when it came to the writing lifestyle.

It all would’ve been so much different.

Since 2012, I’ve been an Ambassador for five years, I gained over 43,000 views on one of my novels, had one of my novels get put onto an official Wattpad reading list, I’ve finished five novels and a novella, and I’ve gained over 1,600 followers on the website. These may be small accomplishments to some, but they’re big accomplishments to me. And I am truly proud of myself for getting there.

Some of the biggest things I’ve learned throughout the years because of Wattpad are: treat every piece of feedback you give with respect but also be honest in with what you say. Don’t write something you’re not interested in. And never give up, or else you’ll never find out what could’ve been.

I may not have been present much on the platform in a long while, either, but that’s also because I’m hoping that one day in the near future, I could go from being a simple “Wattpad author” to being a “traditionally published author.”

Here’s to ten more years on Wattpad. :clinking_glasses:

What do you think you’ve learned most about being on Wattpad or any other writing platform? What are some of your accomplishments that you’re proud of?


Congrats on ten years :partying_face:


Happy Tenth Wattyversary! :smile:

Ten years is such a long time. I joined Figment around 2010. If Figment were still around I would have been on there for almost 12 years. Almost as long as you have been on Wattpad :wink:

Like you, Figment taught me many things like how to give and receive feedback, how to interact with people online, so by the time I got to Wattpad, I had 7 years of online writing site experience. That really helped.

Wattpad taught me the value of inline commenting.

I wish Figment had something like that. It makes for such an engaging online reading experience.

Wattpad also taught me book covers in a sense :stuck_out_tongue: My book covers were still horrendous when I joined XD Because of Wattpad I learned about premade covers and was able to interact with people who do graphic design for a living. Definitely, Wattpad helped me grow as a graphic artist.


Happy Annivresary! :beer: :beer: :beer:

And here’s to many more! :beer: :beer: :beer:


Wattpad encouraged me to be more imaginative. Go on booktok for five minutes and you’ll everyone wants to be the next SJM but never the first them. Sad, no?


This. This is so much of life. You can’t look at life from weakness and get anywhere easily. You can’t live a life of looking at what others do (to feed your own inadequacy) or even what others do to you (that thing that is often dismissed as “victim mentality”), or even “sour grapes” everything and get anywhere easily.

Now it can be done. There are plenty of upset people out there who reach success, but it’s like watching people play life with the setting being extra difficult.

But few people have parents that sit there and walk them through this aspect, so it’s a thing that people have to learn by looking back on their life and seeing when they put aside most everything that weighed them down, just to reach their goals.

Here’s the crazy part for anyone who reaches those milestones is more diligently applying lessons learned to any area of our life that is weak. But the further anyone gets down this path, the less those who haven’t worked on these things understand you. So etimes it’s lonely to learn what “Counting all things Joy” actually entails.

Congrats and may you keep striving for the things that make life joyful.

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Might be sad but to me it’s a relief. That means we will be first :wink:

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