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CFCU! In the meantime, please consider checking out my commissions in #paid-services or via ko-fi.

Please read everything in this thread before requesting.


Since this is free (as in, I’m not making money) there are a few limitations on what you can request:

  1. I’m only drawing heads/busts in black and white or with screentones .

  2. You can only submit one form for one character at a time. If that character is rejected or I deliver a piece of finished artwork to you, you can submit another one.
    (I’m only drawing original characters, no fanart requests, please.)

  3. I will accept/reject forms based on whatever I feel like drawing at the time.

  4. These pieces are strictly for personal use only. They can be used in/for your books so long as you are not making any money off whatever pages they are on. If you self-publish or have a patreon page for your book, please do not include my artwork.

  5. Credit must be maintained. If using in your book, please tag me on Wattpad as @JaxCreation. If using anywhere else, please credit an appropriate art account: Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, or DeviantArt.

If you want something other than a headshot/bust, check out my commissions thread in the #paid-services section instead.




  • Read and comment on 5 parts of Taitenschild (preferred) or Touch.
  • Add one of those two stories to a public reading list
  • Follow my profile OR give my art book a public shout-out on your wall.

Your comments can be in-line reactionary comment spam, constructive crit, a big outline comment at the end, whatever - all that matters is that I can tell you’ve actually read the chapter/put a little thought into your comments.

For further clarification on what is acceptable in terms of payment:

  • All finished requests will be posted to my art book and/or social media when they are finished and you’ve completed your part of the exchange :+1:

  • Please make sure you save the image to your device/harddrive as I can’t guarantee it will always be on Wattpad/the forum or that I will have a back-up if it gets lost.


:warning: Please keep descriptions succinct. No story excerpts.

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Your Wattpad username:
Payment option:

Book title:
Published status:
Planned use for art: (just because I’m curious)

Character name:
Skin tone: (light/tanned/dark)
Eye colour:

Hair colour and style:
Description and an image reference (paste, don’t link) if you have something specific in mind (or I will just do my own version)

Description + image references (paste, don’t link) - unless it’s something simple then description only is fine. Just remember you’re only getting the chest/neck up.

Facial expression or character personality:
e.g. smiling, smirking, crying, cheerful, determined, angry

Samples from previous thread(s)


Queue: (in order of completed payment)

  • See Art Book on Wattpad.

*Note that this queue may not be representative of wait-time. There may be people in front of you as it is being combined with the requests I’m taking directly on my art book, and I’m doing artwork in order of completed payment.

See the requests chapter for a more accurate list.

Payment Pending:


  1. @korralistic - Post #19
  2. @diwatera - Post #30
  3. @SiberianTiggy - Post #50
  4. @carcoleghoast - Post #59
  5. @TheTigerWriter - Post #81
  6. @W.L.Ink - Post #93
  7. @junipermoon - Post #101

(If I haven’t checked WW in a while, feel free to send me a PM on Wattpad.)


Hi! I’m currently not interested in requesting but I wanted to let you know I think your art is a frickin mazing!! All of your characters look so beautiful I love them!


Thank you very much! :heart:(*⁰▿⁰*)


I love your art!!! It’s just so beautiful :open_mouth:


Your Wattpad username: diwatera
Payment option: Option A

Book title: Disaster Class
Published status: Ongoing (with 7 chapters)
Planned use for art: Just art for the book (also for inspo when I’m writing it)

Character name: Nico Gray-Gomez
Age: 17
Sex/Gender: Male
Skin tone: Tanned (he’s half-Filipino)
Eye colour: Dark Brown

Hair colour and style:
Black hair, wavy/curly. Kinda like these:

School uniform composed of a white shirt underneath a dark grey coat with blue lining on the collar and the school’s logo on the right chest. Also a blue necktie.

Facial expression or character personality:
Haughty, snarky expression. Grimacing, looking down on people, judging them.

Also, here is another artwork by BelitAm on Wattpad if you want to see a reference:


Thank you!


Accepted :+1: Please complete payment when you can :slight_smile:


aaa jax!! everytime i see you arting it up i get so happy lol. i still hold the anhi art super close to my heart :’’) i think it’s due time i request more from you ;o i have to plan to commission you in the future!! im so broke rn fnskafsdjk

i hate long posts so it’s under this lol

form !

Your Wattpad username: korralistic
Payment option: A! i read pretty slowly/get distracted so i apologize in advance if my comments are like hours apart lmfao, if you accept that is

Book title: a chapel in ruins
Published status: doesn’t exist lol. i’m still debating if i even ever want to publish it, but the original (i scrapped and planned on rewriting) has like 75K words
Planned use for art: to make myself happy mostly lol, the same with anhi. i just wanna see their big ol cute face with ur big ol cute art :’’)

Character name: Blake!
Age: 25
Sex/Gender: female
Skin tone: light, peachy like undertones (i can give specifics but you said b/w!)
Eye colour: blue hazel!
600x412, 30%

Hair colour and style: black/raven color, long like about to her shoulder blades or mid back that’s either straight or a bit wavy depending on the style - either just super casual half over her shoulder (straightish) or like a low poofy ponytail tied with a bandana (wavyish)

Clothing: honestly just something cute and simple like these! you don’t HAVE to use these, just this vibe :] (just the shirts, nothing else in the photos)

Facial expression or character personality: smiling, happy, cheerful etc, very sweet and genuine!

just wanna add since there wasn’t a real place on the form for it: pretty light freckles across her cheeks/nose, and she has a plain silver nose stud on her left (our right) nostril! also wears earrings, usually like a bigish hoop but in the shape of the heart but you can ignore that if you wanna. also idk if it helps but i imagine her to be a mashup of both kat dennings and eva de dominici (leaning on eva) :]

thank u sm if u accept! even if you don’t i’ll always be here stalking :eye::eye:


Accepted :two_hearts:

It’s okay, I do this too :joy: Best if it gets done in the next few days though because the weekend is like the only time I have to draw (T^T)


Also Anhi is still one of my favourite requested illustrations xD She turned out so pretty qq

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i’ll read in the morning bc i’m super tired and my attention span is even lower than it usually is LOL (i had to reread the book bio like four times for my brain to absorb the information. i think it may be past my brain’s bedtime)

and thank u!!! anhi will finally have a friend :’’) :heartpulse:

AND YES she’s so gorgeous!! i have both versions saved even though the only difference is like one line was erased, i must keep them Both Forever. she would be ecstatic to know she’s one of your favorites ^^ (as am i lol)


I don’t even remember doing 2 versions, LOL. Reeee—

And it’s ok. It’s late for me too =.= I need stop buying/reading manga >.> And justifying it as “art study”.


the difference was super miniscule but technically it’s twice the art of my girl so they are both cherished :>

and by the great, wise advice of marie kondo, if it inspires joy then you should keep it :^) (or in this case, keep reading :eye:)
but don’t forget to sleep either!! manga is eternal and will be there in the morning :]


Your Wattpad username: siberiantiggy
Payment option: A

Book title: Forgotten Wolf
Published status: its complete on wp(159k reads, its sequel is also complete and at almosrk 70k reads, the 3rd book is 3/4 posted)
Planned use for art: (just because I’m curious) share in a chapter, because my characters are from my mind even with discriptions people are always asking to see them.

Character name: Jess
Age: 27
Sex/Gender: female
Skin tone: (light/tanned/dark) sunkissed so i guess lightly tanned
Eye colour: honey brown

Hair colour and style: light brown. Very long(to her butt), wavy, sometimes worn in a braid(usually over the shoulder style)
Description and an image reference (paste, don’t link) if you have something specific in mind (or I will just do my own version) Jess is curvy, not a rolly body type but thick.

Description + image references (paste, don’t link) - unless it’s something simple then description only is fine. Just remember you’re only getting the chest/neck up. she isn’t a fashionista, half thw time she’s wearing a tank top and zipper hoodie

Facial expression or character personality:
e.g. smiling, smirking, crying, cheerful, determined, angry shes kind but fierce, inner strength with a painful past, but through it all kind and caring. So a determined smile? Idk she’s not the comic relief of the book but she is nice

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Your Wattpad username: Manya707
Payment option: A

Book title: Jest for Love
Published status: it’s not published yet, if you dont mind
Planned use for art: (just because I’m curious) I just really want to see him drawn :sweat_smile: But ill post it in my story once its published

Character name: Travis
Age: 15
Sex/Gender: male
Skin tone: light
Eye colour: light blue

Hair colour and style: curly brown

Clothing: just casual, sweater

Facial expression or character personality: smiling/grinning, he’s cheerful

Also: He has freckles, if you could add that that’d be amazing :sweat_smile:

Thank you so much!!!

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Your Wattpad username: Carcoleghoast
Payment option: Option A

Book title: The Finney of LIfe
Published status: Unpublished
Planned use for art: I just want to see my characters in different art styles.

Character name: Christian Fields
Age: 17
Sex/Gender: Make
Skin tone: (light/tanned/dark) Light
Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour and style:
His hair reaches to his forehead.



Facial expression or character personality:
A shy smile with a small blush. His nose kind of look like this:


Your art looks so good!

Thank you so much, Jax. I’ll finish the payment by tonight or tomorrow. :smiley:

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Delivery! @korralistic


waHHH thank u sm!! she’s amazing just like u and i love her :’’)