Jobs that your MC hates doing but must do it in order to reach a certain goal?!

For example:

My Turn:

Ryker works as a delivery boy in his hometown. He goes to different shops and gets items for certain people and takes it to their home or place of business. The job pays decent, but Ryker loathes the job because he had moments where he has to trek dangerous parts in his town. He nearly got killed in a gun fight while doing a delivery. But he has to work because he wants to save as much money to get him and his family out of Jachira(the underground kingdom). He hates his hometown and the job, but it is something that he has to do in order to survive and reach a goal.

What about you?


My mc actually loves her job as a clinical psychologist, but hates her new boss, so she drinks a lot because of that. Does that count? ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

What does your character do in rebellion against his job?


Just curious, how does the payment system work? His workplace pays him or the customers directly pay him? How does he get the items from the shops? Does his workplace pay the shops to get the items?

As for my main characters who have jobs, none of them particularly hate their jobs.

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Nothing really. He just chooses not to go to the dangerous sections of his hometown. His boss is willing to make some leeway for him, but Ryker will still have to travel to dangerous sections regardless. If Ryker quits his job, his family will suffer a bit because they need the extra money. Plus he is saving his money to get himself and his family out of the hellhole known as Jachira.

He’ll fight to not go to the dangerous sections, but in the end he still has to go. He’ll carry a weapon to protect himself or go at a certain time.


Ryker is paid by his small company, but he is also “sometimes” tipped by the customers.

Quick question; Do you have a food delivery thing where people deliver food or other things to your home through some company? Think UberEats or DoorDash or Grubhub(if you know what that is, but if you don’t well Google is your best friend). It is like that.

He walks to the shops to get the items then walks to the customer’s house.

Sometimes. Yes, I said sometimes because Ryker lives in a shady ass environment where people are doing whatever they want. Somethings go as plan while other times not at all.

So, yes the company pays the shops for the items while other times they’ll get freebies.

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Similar to @Akje , my MC doesn’t dislike his job so much as the people that make him do it. He finds the work itself fullfilling, but the way people treat him in it is demeaning and disrespectful, so the part of his job he hates is just dealing with the people he does it for.


One of my MC’s works in a spirit-world cafe for the majority of the book. I’d say, by the end, she really enjoys it.

Before spirit-world coffee shop she worked in a bakery. Despised it most of the time because it was situated in her very religious, conservative smalltown and the people were unbearable. But there was one highlight: Free Goodies. Strawberry cookies were her favorite. Which, considering she was kinda a stoner during that time, made working there worth it.


So, she comes in to contact with souls of the departed on a regular basis? Sounds fun!

Indeed, she’s always spoken and seen the dead, so traveling to the spirit world to serve coffee was naturally the next step, haha. Although some are quite harrowing, but they usually walk amongst humans.


Rachel hates the idea of being a mate, but agrees to in the end… it’s the point here she figures out how messed up her memory is that makes it more difficult to deal with.

Ah, I see. Yeah, we have UberEats here.

I meant to ask more about how the system is set up. Because he obviously has a list of things, right? Multiple things? Does he let the shops know in advance what the customer ordered so he can pick up? Or, does the customer order from the shop then request Ryker to get the items from the shop?

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Amneris is quite literally the queen of her planet. The only thing she likes about the role is the power :joy: Everything else, the paperwork and the meetings and all the drama she has to deal with, is stuff she only does for the sake of taking care of her people. She hates it, but its a must.

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Yes. The customers do this.
Ryker doesn’t have a vehicle to get to certain places and the company’s only car is a much older and unstable model.
So, the only thing Ryker can do is walk from place to place. Not that he minds it sometimes.

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My MC is a soldier and hates it. He thinks it’s okay work as he gets free things (a place to stay, food in his belly, etc.) but he only hates it because he hates working under the Twelve Presidents (the government, the rulers of all land). He despises them and thinks they’re corrupt and should be taken down. But he only is a soldier because he needed to learn how to fight, have the resources, the able bodies to help him, and the leadership skills to convince and lead an army of his own to kill the magical beings who are the enemy. He became a soldier at fourteen with a plan where he would train and become the best, and by sixteen, he became the youngest to lead his own crew. He’s now seventeen, gained the trust of the Twelve Presidents, and is now on a hunt. Though, of course, it was he’s not supposed to be out for them… he’s supposed to observe, perhaps kidnap one to bring back for “experimentation,” but he disobeyed and he’ll pay the price…

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