Joon Fox! - Custom Cover Shop - 7 slots OPEN

Hi, I’m Enna. Cat, fox, and tiger lover. Would you like a cover?

Do you know JuniperFoxx on Instagram? Juniper is a fox. Nicknamed Joon. It’s also June. See what I did there? :wink:

Examples to see if I’m worthy to make a cover for your wonderful book:
The title will not always be so glowy depending on the genre. It’s just what I’ve been practicing recently.

Offering: Custom covers (with reading list exposure for your book). Snag a slot and be guaranteed I will make your cover. I aim for quality :slight_smile:

Payment: To read and comment on one chapter of The Justice of Borrecki. Comment length is up to you.

Important Fox Notes:

  • I won’t do face claims which means if it is a fanfic, I won’t put the celebrity or character on the cover.
  • Covers can take up to 2 HOURS to make. I don’t slap text on a pretty pinterest picture and give it to you with a cookie :stuck_out_tongue: These are custom covers made with fox magic from scratch.
  • Default cover size I make is 512x800 which is the recommended Wattpad dimensions. If you need something else, let me know.
  • There is no password, but you can make one up to confuse people and entertain me :wink:

Here’s what you gotta do:

Step 1. Say hi and then fill the form out (Good relations are good)
Step 2. Get accepted or denied (I have the right to deny)
Step 3. If accepted I’ll put your name in the slot. Go do payment.
Step 4. Sing the fox song while you wait (or anything you want to do because it could be a while).
Step 5. Get cover and use cover. Credit me as “cover by TheTigerWriter” in your blurb.
Step 6. Tell me that the cover is up, so I can add your story to my “covers I made” reading list. Who knows? I might even check out your work. Win-win.

Here’s the form. Please fill this one out and no other. Please always fill this one out when you order. It’s my golden form that celebrated it’s 2nd year :grin:





Author Name:


Summary: (book summary, also describe what your MC looks like if you want them on the cover)

Mood of the cover: (happy, sad, cutesy, romantic, magical, creepy, mysterious, use adjectives)

Color Palette: using this site, tell me the names of one or two palettes you would like me to use for your cover

Ideas: (any ideas you have. I’ll try my best to incorporate.)

Example Covers: (from Pinterest, Wattpad, etc.)


Anything Else?:

If you have questions, do ask. I won’t bite.

Cover Words
Tagline: Tells something about the story. Usually something intriguing. Maybe it’s a quote, a bit of dialogue, something to make you stop and go WHAT? Harry Potter example: the boy who lived.
Subtitle: The second title after the main title. For The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, the subtitle would be The Chronicles of Narnia. A subtitle can also be Book One or XYZ Series or A Short Story or A BTS Fanfic.



Lucky seven.


Notes or News or whatever:



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Does the story have to be published?

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Preferably, but it’s okay if it’s not :slight_smile: As long as you let me know when it is.

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Hi :slight_smile: Do you want a cover?

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I need to find which published story needs one


Trying this in June. Anyone?

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are you open still?

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Yes. Until the end of June at least.