Judge my cover please (I'm not sensitive you can be mean)

So… Having one of those good Ol manic phases and those who have them know how productivity-crushing they can be. I decided to shelf my Mystery and do a New Adult story set in college.

The Premise is :

Ian Hernandez love’s love. Mostly the honeymoon phase. The wealthy pansexual known for his whirlwind romances that never last longer than six months. When he breaks the heart of campus finesser Farhan Grover, it piques the interest of his roommate, Aubrie Ames, a well-known heartbreaker who just might be Ian’s match. If she doesn’t Fall in love first. Will Aubrie give Ian a taste of his own medicine or will she be the next casualty of the six-month rule?

I made this cover as last minute as I decided to make this story and im gawking at it thinking… Does this look dark to other people? I wouldn’t be able to tell where im at mentally so can you rip this thing apart tell me the vibe it gives what should change. If anything is gross to you etc.

UPDATE: I cant fix her arm Canva doesn’t have any other bodies I can alter the color to so going to ignore it. Aside from that I thiiiink I edited according to suggestions and also made five new title cards. Can you guys vote on the one you like and let me know if anything else should change please and thank you








Please vote on the one you like but also if you see something let me know. I don’t plan on posting until Nov 30 P.S I noticed she’s a little smooshed will fix later lol

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off the bat, “six month rule” is very hard to read

it does look a little dark? like i"m expecteing a bit of trauma and assault or collateral deaths happening in a cover like a that. the color scheme is punchy but feels a little discordant, which adds to the sense of feeling jangled.

Slick looking cover though.


It’s like the edgier cousin of the standard contemporary romance novel. Also appreciate that there is an acknowledgement that the couple is going to crash and burn.
The girl’s left arm is also bending kind of weird, too.


I just got to be able to read the title and old lady brain is going eff that font. Try thickening it if you want to keep it.


The fonts and the color of the background bother me, maybe another color or a different saturation degree…


That is school bus yellow, is it not?

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It’s totally cute! It looks like it’ll be a fun, comedic, contemporary read. I’m not sure the blurb is giving me that vibe, but the cover definitely is.

Agree with the others about the title font and the left arm, too. Perhaps you can swap the font for Rule to the sans-serif you used for The, and give the flirty font a bit more breathing room.


Is not bad. Every one has pointed out the obvious parts to review.

The color scheme doesn’t give me that sense of playfulness that your premise gave me.

Have you tried this in mauves and fresh pastels like lime or lillac or maybe have the background a slight off white? The mustard is dulling the vibrance of the image. It’s almost drowning it.

Otherwise, the image and placement are fine.


Ah no :scream: I meant it to like they’re romantic killers not ax murderers

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Usually romance books that have a darker premise have a desaturated shirtless guy on the cover. Maybe that’s why it feels dissonant to some people.

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Hey there,

Your thread looks like it’s better suited to #artistry-castle:feedback-tutorials-resources , so I’ve gone ahead and moved it there for you.

– Joy :darkbunnylord:

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Thank you

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Yay also Whispers I think I turned it weird. Shall try to fix

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Thank you will do or try unsure if canva does it

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Oh yay I wanted this

What’s it giving in your opinion :eyes:

Will try mauve or off white


If it allows you to redo the same exact thing a second time or allows you to duplicate it, you can offset it a hair for the same effect.

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Like mentioned above, Six Month Rule is really hard to read. I noticed the subtitle before I saw that.

And… The woman’s hand on the heart has an unnatural curve to it…

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Going to update thank you

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Whispers OMG idk why I hate those so much lol I think its like yeah he’s hot… where your clothes at

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