Just Get Started!

I know this is easier said than done. Trust me, I understand that to a whole other level. It took me ages to finally find the book I wanted to write, and now that I am writing it I couldn’t be any more happier.

Find that idea you want to tell. Let it brew inside your head for a little while, stirring up ideas for the future book you wanna write and then just write. Don’t worry about it being bad; that’s the thing, first drafts are always bad. They suck! It got me a while to get out of this mindset as well, but now that I am actually writing it feels nice. I’ve missed this. I’ve missed writing and exploring worlds.

Do yourself a favor and just start whatever idea you’ve got spurring inside your head. Don’t worry whether or not it’s perfect. Remember, everything has been done, it’s how you write it that makes it unique. It’s your voice that makes it original.

I am Cassie and thank you for coming to my ted talk.


Damn … that was… wholesome

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