Just got back from a Sicilian wedding

i’m Sicilian and so is my extended family and my cousin just got married and holy shit i will cry if i have to go to another extravangant Sicilian wedding.

There was enough food in the ‘cocktail hour’ to feed a hundred families for a year. No joke. I have pictures. Like I have 20-some pictures of all the food and i will post them if you wish. but holy shit. So much extravagance. you do not even know.

Also all the men looked the same. Same haircut, same beard type, and then all the older men where just the stereotype of Sicilian older men and just wow my friends they already had another really extravangant wedding earlier for my other cousin and I swear they’re probably 200,000 dollars in depth.

I did have fun. turns out you can do a lot of dancing in forearm crutches. and yes, I did ask someone to dance with me. He was nice. Had carried my plates and everything when I was struggling since forearm crutches involve using both your hands. Had a girlfriend but that’s okay because I’m asexual homoromantic with no relationship interest at all. We exchanged numbers too. We chatted a bit too when he found my quiet space (aka in the empty cocktail hour room in a side corner with some comfy chairs) and it was nice.

and objectively you could say it was a beautiful wedding. It just went all out and I’m not one for big parties.

If I ever get married i’m inviting like 20 people and having it in my backyard.


I did most my planning last minute and didn’t encourage people to rearrange plans, so that they wouldn’t feel heavily burdened to come to mine.

And we both have huge families, it was about the only way to not insult people was to let them feel “not pressured”.

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That was kind of you.

Yeah there were like over 200 people at this wedding. It was giant.


sounds like fun. i have to head to a wedding next month and im already exhausted just thinking about it


It was fun. Would’ve been more fun if the very rare steak they served for dinner didn’t make me super sick. But yeah there was definitely it’s moments.

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