keen's koding

Hello hello hello!
I will probably not be aorund much!
But I shall be dropping/testing c0dE here

i won’t say it

i mean, i didn’t want to say it on the first post

…why was the first thing I thought of after the title coroner
and then you can guess what i thought of after typing that

darkness begone

i shall only permit things of light here

i luv being an idiot

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so that’s how it goes

is that from a movie?
he looks kinda scary

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must be the knocking on a window with a smile bit

actually I’d do that, if I could

  • why, yes
  • this has NOT failed
  • always wondered
  • how ppl do this

now to turn those dots into litts stars!

It’s from a Spanish TV show called Elite and it’s Omar, Ander and Ander’s Mom.

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did i scare you off :upside_down_face:
i’m kinda sane too

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does he play someone scary?

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No, he’s actually a nice kid (until S3, at least, then they kinda ruined his character to make him edgy). Also, where are you from? Do you wanna hear Italian music?

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yaay! i broke it!!!

I hate it when they ruin good characters
unless you liked him edgy

I’m from the us!
ok! is it nice?

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