1. Book link: Face
  2. WP Username: leighyeann
  3. Wacky’s Username: leighyeann
  4. Payment (done/not done): not yet (please let me know if I should’ve done it beforehand)
  5. A general overview of your cast: The main character is named Sim Daejung and is a South Korean man nearing his thirties who moved to the United States after some not so pleasant happenings involving his family in his home country. He faces prejudice not only due to his ethnicity, but also to his looks (he prefers keeping his hair long and wearing dark clothes) and his general attitude. The story is set basically at our times, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Other characters include Lily Gong, an American girl of Chinese and South Korean descent who faces an identity crisis over her roots; Kasey Aikens, an African American man who, while looking friendly and easygoing on the outside, actually sees the friendship with his inmate and colleague worsen not only due to work related tensions, but also due to issues who lie deeper and date back to years before; and Wendy Byer, a woman who’s also an African American and is struggling with the role of “crutch” to her insecure inmate, who has in turn to deal with ultraconservative, racist and homophobic parents
  6. Blurb: Sim Daejung is the mastermind of the so-called “Face” project, where he forces the people around him to face each other to get them spill the most grueling secrets and possibly start trusting him. Easy, right?

Well, maybe it’s time to redefine the concept of “easy”. Many people are already questioning his motives, as well as each other, for a number of reasons they don’t want to disclose. Others just call him out as a “fraud” because he happens to know something about them that could put them into a compromising position.

Either way, everyone should brace themselves for the adventure of a lifetime, or for a nightmare that’s about to come true…

[Note 1: “face” in this case means more “expression,” as in what characters show through their behaviors and emotions

Note 2: I tried my very BEST to steer clear of red flags. If there’s something really off-putting, I’ll either see how to change it, or alternatively give up the submission and find something that matches your aim better]