Let's discuss governments or rather fictional governments.

Now, before I decide to do my very own research on governments to better help my story, I thought I chat with you all about the governments and politics of your fiction novels.

I mention this because there is a nation in my third story that is a democratic republic called Andvaria. It was an empire that became a Shadowland which later became a republic.

However, I was thinking about basing it off two real life countries which are unknown to me at the moment.

Anyway, I was just wondering what your fictional governments are like in your stories.

Who runs or rules the land?
If you have anything else to state, please feel free to do so.



Okay, this is something I’m still figuring out the kinks in because it doesn’t entirely come into play until book 2 :joy: I’ve only got it figured out for one of the two main planets so far, so I’ll just go through that one :joy:

So, on Lyriumia, you have the six main cities. Each one has their own Governor and little Council to help run things. About them is the King/Queen/Ruler of the planet. The Governors mostly keep to themselves and their city, but for big things they need approval from the King/Queen/Ruler. If a Governor does a major screwup, they’re out (but this is rare. it only happens when they do something stupid or stop doing their job). Still working on the time frame of how long a Governor remains in power.

Sorry if that’s a clunky/confusing explanation. Like I said, still working out the bugs :joy:

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I tend towards Empires with multiple kingdoms, often with Kings still ruling them, within. Senate and Emperors, Empire law, kingdoms are usually closer to Feudal…so multiple chains of leadership.


For both of my fictional countries, I made them democratic republics.

So, for the first, the Democratic Republic of Kasmar. It’s a country located in the middle of the Atlantic, consisting of two main islands and several outlying islands. The second is the Republic of Ocheon, located in Eastern Asia.

Both of them, I ended up using the American government as a base. For Kasmar, I took some influence from the Canadian government as well, since Kasmar’s offical languages are English and French. Ocheon has some influence from the Taiwanese and Hong Kong governments. It really depends on the kind of history your country has honestly. For Kasmar, it has a colonial history in which it was originally a French colony that was seized by the British during a conflict. Ocheon, I’m still fleshing out since it’s on the newer side.

Personally, a resource I found really handy was a nation RP forum that I stumbled across, since it was set in an AU Earth.

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In short: It’s an empire which system is entirely constructed around intricate and societal brainwashing. There’s multiple scapegoats set in place for people to blame all their issues on, so they don’t look too closely at their own government. Information is heavily censored, and new ideas (philosophies/religions) are crushed before they can ever gain a foothold. Anyone who goes against or threatens these critical ideologies are crushed by the military before they can ever gain a foothold. They have a strong fear-mongering presence (their military is the largest in the world, despite them having only ever had internal conflicts and no overseas wars).

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My current project involves a Crisis Emergency Government, where the congress approved giving unlimited time to the President to govern until they decided otherwise, and give ALL power to the President and Ministers except for the power to remove it all, because the situation is so absurdly desperate they can’t keep governing like they were, the congress building is in ruins and now the Presidential Palace is a tent bigger than the others in a refugee camp. What are you supposed to do?

Edit: Worth mentioning that only 38% of the congress approved it, and it was almost unilateral, cause 41% of the congress died during the disaster, the 1% remaining voted against

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Elgana is an empire democracy.

Empire: ruled by one body called the High Collection which consists of a representative from each of the five races.

Democracy: has a voting system. Members of the High Collection are typically elected by the races’ respective citizens. The election of the individual is up to each race’s way of government. Most have an election in some form or other.

It’s not the best, but it’s been the only way, for centuries, that all races have been able to agreeing on following.

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Wouldn’t that in a sense be an elective monarchy or am I wrong?

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Well, they don’t have a monarchy which is a king or emperor ruling type of situation. There’s a subtle difference, apparently. Unless I’m wrong XD

I got the definition of “empire” from Wiki.

Wiki: political system

This gives a pretty good overview.

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Ah, I see.
So, it is like a group of people ruling or running things globally in Elgana?

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Exactly! :smile:

It’s called the High Collection which is a group of individuals from each race that must come together to keep the peace in Elgana.

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How many races in the group are there?

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Elgana has five races.

Each race elects (in any way they want, mostly voting) one representative from their respective races. Each representative then chooses several others to work for and with them in the High Collection headquarters. But the representatives are the only ones that make the decisions about laws.

Five individuals all working as one ruler, essentially. They are not allowed to favor their own races, rather, think as a collective. Of course, compromises are made and they try their very best to be inclusive. Each individual gets a chance at being the Head, the leader of them all, making the final decision. The Head changes every few years.

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Oh, I see.

So, I gotta know, are there any countries on Elgana or no?

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Well, no.

Each Ring has mainly one race living in it. Humans primarily live in the First Ring, Halfhumans mostly in the Second, Kathula in the Third, Sorcerers in the Fourth, no on is in the Fifth as it is the jail, and the Shaa in the Sixth.

Most lands are separated into cities. The cities into towns. Towns into villages.

Third and Sixth Rings don’t have cities or towns but are separated by clan or livable region. Kathula have four clans and each clan inhabits a certain section of the Third Ring. The Shaa live separated in terms of physical and magical power. Those with power live around the castle and the further away from the castle, the weaker the Shaa are.

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Wow! That is some interesting worldbuilding.

No countries just cities, towns, and villages only.

The High Collection is truly the only rulers of everything.

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Thanks :grin:

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No problem. :slightly_smiling_face:

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