Logo Needed

I need a logo for the organization in my WIP Tainted Blood.

Organization is called Pkya (which is Russian for Hand)
Main colors I want are Red, Black, Gray, White, Blue …Assassin/blood theme.

Symbols of Russia (For Ideas)

-Two-headed eagle

  • Bears
  • Red Star
  • slavic symbols
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going to have to carefully pick through those symbols…

Guards heavenly gates.

God of war.

God of deceit, guardian of truth.

God of darkness, death.


A star from Veles and Morok: very uncomplicated.


I didn’t know exactly what you were after, but feel free to use if you want. :slight_smile:

For anyone trying this but needs a font that handles Cyrillic text, Ariel works if you don’t have access to others. I used Furius.


now, that is pretty…


Thank you <3

The difference in the 2 would be like the difference in branding irons:

Detailed work, in wood.
Custom Branding Irons & Branding Heads | Buckeye Engraving.

For branding flesh:
Custom Branding Irons & Branding Heads | Buckeye Engraving.

Dignified vs coarse.

I really like something like this… Especially the middle since it has the symbol of darkness, deceit and all

Woah… I like this… I wonder what it would look like with the star from above… Hmmm. I know the logo with be on the walls of the training room and their weapons…

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Ahh that would be cool!

Edit - completely just glossed over your post! It’s ‘рука’, pronounced ‘ruka’ if you wanted to go with actual Russian. :smiley:

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What’s crazy is that it’s deceit by withholding knowledge. An “I’m better than you” eliteism. That’s why the gate guard encircling it as a star is rather unique bit of egotism.

Now the question is all-in-one or newer corporation logo for the world to see with older cult symbol they keep to themselves? They could still have a blending but that would be in exclusive areas?


That’s cool! Plus that fits perfectly because Pyka is holding important info from the siblings.

Funny thing is I realized that last night and was like crap. Because I love the look and all of Pyka! ha!

Haha yeah, my brain defaulted to the proper spelling, didn’t even notice until I looked back at it xD

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I’m thinking not having the name on the logo, just something Star from Veles and Morok, but have it mixed in the same colors you did with the gold and red. But Needs something different… Hmmmm… I probably the most indecisive person lol!

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