Looking For a Book Cover!!

Hello! I’m looking for a cover for my book! It hasn’t been posted yet (on Wattpad) but once I get the cover I’ll be posting the first few chapters immediately after! Payments are up for negotiation (I can do a follow, adding your book to a reading list, etc) Thank you for your help!

Title: Us Against the World
Author: Sunny Singh
Graphic type: Cover
Genre: Romance/Young Adult
Mood: Dark, romantic
Colors: Black, red, blue
Simple/Manip: Either of them are fine!
Inspo: Link 1, Link 2, Link 3
Payment: Payment can be up for negotiation! I can do a follow, adding your book to my reading list, and reading up to five chapters with comments! I’ll also add credit in my description and first chapter
Ideas: This is a billionaire romance with a disabled Indian protagonist and French/Iranian billionaire. I know it’s hard to find disabled models who are like my character, so any model will do if they’re used! I was thinking of something similar to the links above, but it can be object based too! However, I don’t think it would give as good of a message as with models. Object based could be with a pen and sword.


Hello! I would like to attempt this but before I do I just wanted to ask: where is the story taking place?

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I’m interested, but it might take a while depending on my schedule!

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Thank you! The story takes place in the New Jersey/New York area

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No worries!


Okay so, here’s my attempt. I’m not too sure if this is what you’re looking for but I did try to make a few adjustments based on your description of the characters like the hair, skin, etc. (unfortunately it is hard to find everything you were looking for):


WOW! It’s super beautiful! Thank you! I’ll definitely be using it. Do you have any specific payments that you’d like for me to do?

Just give me credit for the cover in the summary of your story(@/starrdust on WP). Also, would you like me to PM you the link to the cover?

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Okay, I’ll do that! And if you could PM me the cover link, that would be great! Thank you! :heart:

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