Looking for a compelling story to adapt as a webtoon!

Hello, is the title suggests, I’m looking for a story I can adapt into a webtoon. This is not a formal offer–I’m a hobbyist artist who wants to try making something in my free time but I’m not good at planning my own story so I thought it might be a better idea to adapt someone else’s, if there are anyone interested in seeing their story as a comic.

Below are all the information I think that are relevant. Please feel free to ask if anything is unclear.

Story Requirements

Short - Ideally a story that can be completed in 50 or at most 100 episodes because that’s probably the limit of my dedication oof but the shorter it is, the better.
Complete - Or set to be complete within the next few months.
Definite Plot and Themes - There should be a clear story told with an introduction, conflict, and resolution. Open endings are also okay but exerpt-like stories are not. I love seeing stories with a clear aesthetic/theme (idk how to explain this but feel free to ask if you don’t get what I mean).
Clear Message - I personally think all stories should have a purpose. A meaningful or inspiring message is ideal.
Original - I won’t be accepting ‘retells’ unless the version is truly exceptional.
Indefinitely Free - Is published and will continue to be published on Wattpad or other relevant sites for free. (Mainly because I don’t wish to deal with copyright issues if author decides to enter into a paid deal with a publisher.)
Overall, I’m looking for a short but complete story with an ‘oomph’.

Author/User Requirements

Active - With an assurance that you will continue to be active for a definite time of preferably over a year. Please don’t disappear on me because I’ll need the author to help me with deciding character designs, chapter planning, dialogues etc.–I want to work alone on it after I receive the story.

Ideally, I want you to be available for the whole time I work on the Webtoon. I’ll probably need to take an initial planning period of 6 months to prepare character reference sheets, references for settings, color pallets and other resources as well as making edits and planning the episodes and panels so that the pacing can stay consistent. After that, I might take about a month for each episode so this project will be long-term. If you know you’re not the kind of person to stay dedicated to a project for this long, please do not apply.

Courtesy(?) - I’ll probably require someone with a decent personality and high tolerance/flexibility. I normally tend to have a happy-go-lucky, albeit stuck-up personality but I sometimes go through mood swings (I suspect myself to have BPD but it’s mostly suppressed unless triggered, in which case the symptoms match up, so it might not be, idk) so I need someone to bear with me even through those times.

What You Can Get

Wider Audience - I plan to post on Webtoons. I can link your profile and other relevant info through a panel at the end of every episode which also enables;
Patreon/ko-fi Donations - But this is a only a possibility that depends on how well it goes but I can guarantee you that I’ll be trying my best. It’s up to the readers whether they decide to donate or not.

I currently do not have a master card or visa (won’t have one for another two years or so either) and so I won’t be able to monetize it. I also cannot accept a ‘webtoon original’ deal even if offered due to time constraints. The sharing ratio for money earned for via the possibilities here can be negotiated in advance to avoid conflict much later. I’m still researching how best it can be monetized and I’m still not sure how collabs work tbh (I’ve gone to webtoon’s publishing page and found no such option?) so I will most definitely appreciate it if someone reading this knows and informs me o.o

You can check my Wattpad and DevaintArt profiles for what I can do atm but I plan to practice before I actually start the adaptation so hopefully, I’ll be much better by then. However, this means that I will start as long as a year later.

I’m also considering publishing on tapas because if I’m doing it anyway, I might as well go all out, I think. The ‘ink’ system looks so sexy lol although idk how it’ll work if I don’t have a card. This is also negotiable though, if you would like to keep it only on webtoons for a particular reason.

How to Apply

Just fill out this form before the 8th of December (I was also going to say that I’m willing to wait indefinitely until I found something I like but that was under the assumption that this idea was another miss–more people seem interested in this than I thought, thankfully o.o);

Setting (both times and places):
Brief Plot: (Feel free to dm me this if you don’t want to post publicly)
Word count:
Link to Story:
Other relevant details:
Whether you would like reasons for rejection: Yes/No (I tend to be really harsh and indiscriminate when it comes to critiques so if you would prefer not to hear this, please select ‘No’)

I’ll be informing the people who are definitely rejected along with the reasons (you are free to reapply after changes) as early as the 9th of November.

Other Positions

I’m also looking for people with experience in 3D modeling, paneling, typesetting, proofreading and related skills that might be helpful in the production of a webtoon. Even if you can’t directly help, just giving advice/feedback is fine (I want to keep a discord server during the process, primarily for this but potentially also for readers who would like to join).

What you would like to receive for this is negotiable.



In this section, I’ll try to address some of the questions that were raised in a recent incident as of the 7th of September.

If I’m aiming for a long term project why don’t I have any concrete plans or charts?
As I’ve mentioned in the opening paragraph of this post, I’m merely a hobbyist artist. This is meant to be a personal project of mine that I want to work on in my free time. It might beneficial for me to reveal some personal details as to why so I will do so.

I’m 19 (female but I prefer my pronouns to be they/them please) and am currently at my second year out of three doing a double degree in Myanmar; Bachelors in Business Management offered by Oxford Brookes University (the university I’m attending has a partnership with it) and the professional accounting course called by the ACCA which also offers a bachelors degree in applied accounting from OBU. I previously completed 9 IGCSEs before joining these courses after a short ‘foundation’ lasting a few months. So I’m supposedly on the fast track to being a business person-ish?

Admittedly, due to these, I won’t have as much time I would like to have to allocate to this project which is why I’m definite this will turn into a long-term project. Honestly, I’m not sure what’s meant my ‘charts’ here but I’m pretty sure no one can draw one without even knowing which work they’re going to adapt first.

Am I looking for ‘serious’ applicants only?
No. I just want someone who would stick around. I’m going to emphasize here though, that I’m prioritizing the ‘good story’, but of course this will be quite subjective. Right now, the minimal standard I have for stories is that they will at least have to be better than the ones I’m able to write. My old account is @inncect – please feel free to have a look around in my short stories (written a few years ago so I might’ve improved a bit since then) but ignore Reap lol that was a really random project I gave up on but have up because of the cover I requested from someone else.

What is my definition of a ‘good story’?
Many of the points are already in the story requirements. But ig additionally, I would love to see dynamic three dimensional characters (different backgrounds, personalities, goals, mindsets, phobias etc.) that are easy to relate to and settings that would look really pretty drawn. I really don’t mind the genre, except horror, but you can keep in mind that on Webtoon, fluffy romances, and fusion fantasies tend to get more popular. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Tower of God
  • Noblesse
  • Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint
  • Eleceed
  • The Red King
  • Unholy Blood
  • DICE
  • Winter Woods
  • Reincarnation High
  • Devil Number 4

I realize most of these are from the fusion fantasy spectrum but I promise I read a lot of romances offsite too (the scantilated ones) such as Beatrice, This Girl is a Little Wild, A Capable Maid, many other titles with plots that are a bit cliche but has great art >~>

I also read mysteries in the form of written novels–I don’t think I’ve seen any webtoons in this genre so far? The closest to it are probably some manga I’ve read; Adekan and The Morose Mononokean, and ofc, the comic Tin Tin.

Why am I trying to hire people who can 3D model, panel, typeset and proofread which are practically everything already? Do I intend to do anything myself at all?
I plan to do everything myself. Please refer to the second sentence following where you saw that part.

Am I a scam?
Pfft well, obviously, I would say ‘no’, but I’m the one in question so idk lol. I promise that the only things I want to get out of this is practice, some self-satisfaction, and an audience base in my social media profiles that I plan to build. I’m doing this despite supposedly having a ‘solid foundation’ in multiple professional degrees simply because drawing is something I love to do. I can’t image myself sitting behind a desk continually, repeatedly reviewing business plans, spreadsheets, and yearly accounts. The potential monetary earnings are just a side benefit and I plan to only buy art supplies with them (I’d probably get into trouble if I use my dad’s education money for that).


Under Consideration
annabellemoon (in pms)
Passed First Round

Applicants for Other Positions
@carcoleghoast - beta reader
@liber_spiritus - proofreader/beta reader

Other Useful Posts on this Thread
Details on how the webtoon can be monetized.
Some bits of details on contract and what I’m prepared to do.


This sounds so cool. :sparkles:


are you open for replies? :open_mouth:


Should I be applying here, or in DM’s? Everything seems pretty clear to me about what you want to do, and I’d like to think my story, The Crown of Light and Shadow, is a decent fit.


How do story chapters translate to webtoon episodes? Is the ratio 1:1 or something else?


this is so cool!


It sounds cool, but I can’t guarantee my story will be ready in the course of the next few months. I like to hope that it will but I cannot say for sure :sweat_smile:


Hey, this sounds like a cool idea. I have a short story called The Boy Who Met the Sky, currently in draft two, that I myself was wishing I could turn into a Webtoon or comic. I lack the art skills though. It’s very short and simple, it has a clear theme. Let me know if you’d be interested to discuss further. :smiley:

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No, we’ll probably have to plan the episodes all over because comics are usually not structured in the same way as a novel. So the process that I think it will go in is to separate the dialogue and relevant narratives into panels and then decide how many panels we want in an episode from there–it’ll depend on the story. And then we’ll try to separate the panels as episodes in a way that there are small cliffhangers at the end of each one.


Yeap, I’m open to replies.

@Puntrumpet Applying here. I posted the thread in a hurry last night because I had to sleep so I’ll be adding more info such as the form here c:


this is probably a shot in the dark, but i got a fairly extensive story i recently cut into a side project, called Gizzy does stuff, that’s a work in progress spinoff. it’s free, it’s basic, episodes are short and ive already drawn the characters, so if you like the idea of a giant vulgar and aggressive alien chick doing a mocumentary blog about life in space, that is full of sex jokes and spoof content, let me know. maybe something can be adapted.


obviously i dont expect this level of detail in the web comic, my book covers take a ridiculous time to make, and i’m not a comic-guy.


Title: Sierra
Blurb: In the year 2179, in the city of Anima, Sierra is a runner, a courier of illegal goods. Chased by one of the cities infamous police androids, Sierra attempts to lose it in the labyrinth of tunnels underneath the city. Now trapped beneath the city together and with other underground denizens, they must rely on each other to survive.
Themes: Classic scifi ‘meanings of humanity’. Questioning authority. What it means to be on the side of “good”.
Setting: 2179 Future Cyberpunk City inspired by Bangkok, Thailand. Underground maintenance tunnels. “Fallout” inspired pieced together settlements.
Message: You know, to be totally honest I am not sure… I think there could be a lot of messages about friendship, teamwork, sacrifice, etc. We could edit for a stronger over all message if you end up interested.
Brief Plot: Inciting incident is a chase scene between the two main characters, leading to them being lost in the underground maintenance tunnels. They refuse to cooperate in order to help each other find the way out. During their journey to find a way out they are captured by scavengers who live in the tunnels. They have to work together to escape, eventually bonding and sacrificing their own freedom to save each other.
Word count: 30,000~ (the third act could be merged with the second to make it shorter/simpler)
Link to Story: The first ten chapters or so are on wattpad if you want a look. I have the entire story completed on a google doc though https://www.wattpad.com/story/176425273-sierra
Other relevant details: I have been suggested this story would do well as a comic because the setting & mechanics of the android character would lead to interesting visuals. I have some inspiration images and character design ideas, but am open to changes of course. Most of the chapters are structured to end on cliff hangers, so it could work well with your ideas. The story is a pretty straight forward unlikely bonding adventure and I am open to edits and change ideas.

Additional note: I also have a fantasy short story about war, destiny and the dangers of idealized faith, that is shorter that this one if its too long. I don’t know if it would work quiet as well in comic form, but if Fantasy is more up your alley I can pitch that one too. ^^

Feel free to reach out to see if we’d work well together. I am generally straightforward and structured, but I am easy going when it comes to hobby projects like this. I’m not afraid of critique or changes so I don’t imagine I’d be too stubborn about making the story work for you.

If not, that’s totally fine. ^^ This seems like a fun project! Good luck!


I’ll have to decline yours as it doesn’t fit my requirements sorry, sorry >.<

Detailed Reasons
  • Does not have a definite plot.
  • It’s all dialogue and I can’t imagine all that in a speech bubble xD
  • The concept doesn’t fit me as I prefer doing more positive, inspirational themes.
  • The story doesn’t seem to be complete.
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Under consideration. Thank you so much for applying!

I haven’t checked your story yet but what I can see on the form looks great–I definitely agree with who ever suggested that it would do well as a comic~

As for whether we’d work well together, I trust CJ’s judgement so I’m sure you’re someone with a great character. You don’t have to worry about anything other than someone else having a better story xD


The Crown of Light and Shadow


Kyandya is a small mining town set against a backdrop of sweeping mountains. Its mines have brought rich ores to the surface - iron, copper, aluminum, different gemstones - but it also has a dark history. A richer past than its veins of ore.

Kamsda Harsharn, a princess of Aldrunia at its decline, became a hero in its hills, and suddenly disappeared.

Valeria Faye and Brandon Larr fight against the rules of their order of Dreamers hundreds of years later, and end up fulfilling one of their order’s objectives long since thought impossible.

The forces of darkness lurk in the shadows, even among the tools of the light.

Themes: Wartime themes, magical world, medieval era, modern era, high school

Setting (both times and places): Castle town, valley battlefield, forests, smaller towns, mines (first arc), modern city, high school, martial arts dojo, underground facility, nightmare valley, insides of a demon

Message: Real, genuine love for a partner is more powerful than a relationship founded upon desire for power, lust, greed, ect., and it’s worth sacrificing everything else for once you’ve found it.

Summed-up Plot

Kamsda is born into a kingdom at war, her mother dying to a curse during childbirth. The Baron, in disguise, tries to force their marriage into a truce, but gets rebuffed. He reveals his use of “darker” magics, but leaves before causing any serious damage. Kamsda gets sent to the front lines of the war, to see it firsthand, and after all the fighting decides she wants to end the war, no matter what.

She then gets sent back to the castle, tired, ragged, and mentally scarred from the experiences. She brings some of the books of dark magic hidden in the castle to a researcher who is trying to find out how they work in order to counter them, and when she arrives back to the castle she finds out her father died. This makes her Queen. Pressured by the nobles to surrender to the Baron, she does so, and gives her cousin a ceremonial crown (the real one is a powerful magical artifact), going into exile instead. She figures the Baron would kill her, or something similar, for spurning him and insulting him.

This brings her journey to a mining town, where she picks up jobs as a cartographer of the caves, mapping where the remainder of the ores are. This eventually sends her on an expedition, and she is sent a way to trap the Baron and his wife, getting rid of them. It succeeds, and then they summon a demon inside the trap, which is powerful enough to open it slightly and kill Kamsda.

Several hundreds of years later, Brandon Larr and Valeria Faye are close to graduating high school which also means they are going to be able to devote themselves to the martial arts school that is also the headquarters for the Dreamers. They’re essentially soul-magicians. Their main goal is to destroy the demon under the town that killed Kamsda, since it never stopped eating people’s souls. It started getting more ambitious, killing young couples two at a time, and so having a partner is forbidden in the organization. “What’s the harm in true love for each other?” Cue a nightmare sequence, they’re sucked into the demon’s gullet, and not killed immediately. They use their abilities to restore ancient spirits (including Kamsda’s), and destroy the demon from the inside. It takes so long, however, that Brandon and Valeria can no longer return to their bodies. The ending is “everyone died, but they won”.

Word count: ~45,000 words
Other relevant details: The version of it that I have through the link is my first draft of the story. I’m planning on redoing it in a second draft, but I’m waiting to get more actionable feedback and criticism before I get started on it.


Under consideration, thank you for applying?

Everyone dies in the end? o.o

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Well, Brandon and Valeria do, and so does Kamsda. “All the main characters die” is probably a better way to put it.


Is there a connection between the couple in the modern era and Kamsda? So far, I’ve tried reading the first two chapters and the last one to see how your writing’s like so I don’t know how the two stories are knitted together yet but from how you wrote the plot, it seems like the two parts might be a bit disjointed. The pacing also feels a bit off since the story has two time-jumps and the plot is pretty much; Kamsda is born but her mother dies, time-jump, Kamsda goes on a journey and comes back to find her father dead but refuses the crown and goes off somewhere else instead after which she dies in the hands of a demon, massive time-jump, a heroic couple jumps in and kills demon but dies in the process. I’ll have to read the whole story to know though but also feel free re-explain how the story actually goes if I’m completely wrong >.<

(I also can’t agree with the message you’re trying to convey because yes, in words something like that sounds sacred and grand but irl, ‘genuine love’ is hard to define and blind sacrificial love can be very easily taken advantage of so idk if I should be encouraging something that could so quickly become toxic.)

My impression of your writing so far has been that you do have good descriptions but many of them read a bit awkwardly so you might need heavy editing. At the moment, I don’t think your story is good enough yet to be accepted but it still has potential to become something good after the edits so I’ll keep it under consideration. Let me know when you’ve finished editing~

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