Looking for a cover for my new story

I am looking for a cover for a new story that I am working on. It is going to be posted on Wattpad for sure, and maybe Inkitt depending on how I feel once I finish.

Title: Counting on Forever
Author Name Munchkinsaurus
Genre: YA, Romance
Mood: Think Summery
Cover Type: I was thinking simple, but up to the creator if they want a little challenge
Ideas: So the story is a summer romance between a recent college graduate girl and her boss’s son who comes home from deployment for the marines. They are working on his family’s cattle farm, so I hope that helps with at least a starting point. I do love a good silhouette of the main characters and not necessarily actual people, as then I feel like I have to base my characters off them or vice versa.
Payment: up for negotiation

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Hey! From your summary, I tried to make a cover you could use! You don’t have to use it, but here’s my attempt!:

Just decided to make a few…
I can change anything so let me know!


Here’s my attempt at this:


I really really like this! :heart_eyes:

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