Looking for a Friend/Co-Writer!!

Hi everyone!!

So, recently I came up with an idea to write a series of superhero books. The main genres are action and romance and I have a vague idea of what I want to write, but after a lot of debate, I decided I would do better with a co-writer! If anybody is interested in testing this idea out with me, reply to this post and we can chat about it!

For now, I am only looking for one co-writer, but maybe in the future, if this works well, we can include more writers and maybe an artist!

The only requirement is to have email or Discord so we can chat

Thank you!

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hey! action isn’t exactly my forte but i do have a few questions that might help refine onlookers interests:

how many books/stories long is the series?
are the stories novels, novellas, or shorter?

Are you looking for someone to bounce ideas off of or are you looking for someone to help contribute plot points and characters?

These kind of questions will help people figure out if you two are a good fit for each other :slight_smile:


Hey, I’d be interested if you’re still looking for someone : )


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