Looking for banner

Graphic type: animated banner that says “Thank you for reading”
Genre: adventure/humor
Mood: see cover
Colors: red, gold


Payment: whatever you like

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Not quite a banner, was looking at what Gimp can do. More used to making gifs by phone, for whatever reason…


Frames took forever to render and 10 is too few frames, from the look of it.

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Hey, this banner is super cool! But I was looking for something smaller that I could put at the end of a chapter. Sorry I should’ve included that. But thank you so much for putting the effort into making this banner :heart:

Something more like this:

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No worries. I knew it would be too big.

Your banner, there, is 800x267 and 150 frames.

Test failed

Still thank you for trying!

It’s no problem.

This time it was a failure to save it the right way. I’ve not used the simple animations in GIMP before.

So one is a simple fade.
And another pulses between 3 layers (the original background of the previous, a midlayer that brightens the lettering, and a 3rd that acts like billboard lights. I think this one may need a couple of duplicated layers to pause the effect, so the brain doesn’t melt.

There’s one more thing I want to try, to prove I’ve got the hang of it.

They look lovely. I especially like the second one. Which one thing?

Alternating lights, like a sign would do. That’s a manual edit, as I don’t have a render for it.

Ooohh this sounds cool!

Btw is it possible to alter the colour to a brighter and richer red?

Yeah. Redo the base layer, redo the render, that’s not too hard.

So, this is the base I’m using, right now, just upped on the red.


Oh I like that! Sorry if I’m being annoying lol but us it also possible to make the letters more yellow or brighter as well? So that there is a bigger contrast like in the cover

And that made it a hair too orange, so check this out:

It’s not bothering me. I’m killing time because the work I need to do requires someone be up with my kids, and they aren’t yet.

Okay cool! Are you still making the version with the alternating lights or is this the final version?

I did this in the middle of the alternating lights, so I’m going to continue to work on that one, for the moment.

@chasingcastles Thought I’d give this a go! Let me know if you’d like to use it and I’ll send you the HD version.


out of curiosity, did you design your current cover?

I thought of doing this :joy: it takes too much time from what I’ve attempted so far and I decided to just post this first :rofl: All the best!

I love this! No, I didn’t design my current cover I wish tho :smiley: