Looking for beta readers

Hello everyone, and happy new year!

I am writing a fiction novel that takes place in the year 2009, in a fictional country called Austrova. The story follows the life of 17-year-old Nicole Sinclair, who has just moved to the seaside town of Tidepeak, her parents’ hometown. There she meets Johnathan Romani and his friends and falls headlong into a mystery involving urban legends and ancient myths. When The Moon Rises has plenty of romance, drama, fantasy, and adventure. The characters are fun, and everyone has a back story with the POV of the plot revolving around Nicole and Johnathan.

I am currently finishing the final chapters of the story and will be posting them on the doc. I need someone who is interested in reading the chapters already written and giving me feedback and tips; if anyone is interested, let me know in the comments, and I will DM you a link to the doc.

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Oh… oh gosh! How did I let your story slip through my fingers!

BAH… Bad Darwin Bad…

I have some time to continue with your chapters if you like!

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Hahaha, how are you, Darwin? Happy new year!

I also ended up forgetting to follow up on finishing reading your stories. Last year I was graduating, so it was hard to focus on reading/writing, which I hope to focus on this year.

I would love it if you continue reading my stuff, your help is always great! I made some changes in the early chapters and am almost posting the final chapters in the doc.

Cool I will get your story back in my rotation.

If you still want someone to read chapters I would be interested?

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