Looking for editor/beta reader

I am looking for an editor or beta reader to help me with my story.
If anyone is interested, here is the summary:

When a conflicted girl arrives in Tidepeak, the entire dark past of the city begins to surface. Nicole Adams has always been a confident and independent girl, but this all changes after her father’s death in her hometown. After that tragic accident, her mother decides to move back to Tidepeak, a small beach town, to work. She takes Nicole and her older son, Henry Adams, with her.

The year is 2009. The arrival of the lovely girl is marked by the mysterious death of the mayor’s beloved son, a well-known school player in the city. She meets the boy’s friends and soon approaches the surfer playboy, Kurtz Bryer, who lives in front of her house. However, she quickly becomes attracted to his best friend, Johnathan Romani, the charming troublemaker.

The girl’s life turns upside down when she begins to believe those she is attracted to are starting to become the prime suspects.


Johnathan Romani has always been seen as a troublemaker who cares about nothing and nobody except himself and whom he loves. With Nicole’s arrival, the constant losses in his life begin to seem more than just coincidences.

Along with his friends, Johnathan will do everything to protect his city and his legacy from the supernatural dangers that surround him, discovering old secrets, new loves, and losing lifelong friendships.

Warnings: Drug use and alcohol abuse.

I need help with opinions on characterization, plot and grammar. I think my story is taking a good direction, but it would be nice to have someone evaluate my work and give their opinions on the story itself.

I write in Google Docs; if you are interested, reply here so I can send you a message with the link.

As a form of retribution, I can follow you on any digital platform (Wattpad, etc…).


I’ve never Beta Read before, but I have done reviews. I have summer break soon, so I can give this a try…

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Can I DM you?

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I also don’t mind but I am a little inactive as of now since mental health due to home live is wrecking me right now.

I wish you all the best. If you need someone to talk to, just let me know. I will send you a DM and you can start whenever you want. Take your time.