Looking for feedback on animatics/songs

please be nice

I’ll give feedback to anything relatively short like flash fiction, under ten minute videos, etc in return if there’s anything like that you’d like feedback on

optional reading

I’m looking for any of these things:

Specific things I can improve if you can tell me exercises to improve those things, such as playing along with a metrenome, practice singing along with notes to be more in tune, and paying attention to editing out the ends of tracks with the mouse click or other sounds. I know I need to do those things already though so not those. You can tell me if you think one of them has a much bigger impact on your listening experience than others though.


What the songs and animatics make you feel or think about if anything,

and thoughts.

I know I need to turn more when I sing so I’m not breathing into the mic
I know the drawings are messy and badly timed, but advice on that could still be helpful

Another thing is that I’m likely to create new animatics rather than editing old ones, so advice that can apply to any song/animatic is more valueable

I’m using krita audacity, a yeti mic, and windows 10’s video editer. if you know of any free software that would help more feel free to recommend it
Also I’m not using krita’s animation features because it can’t render for some reason and I’ve tried redownloading the ffmpeg so I have no idea

I find it more enjoyable to spend less time on individual things rather than making something polished and since I’m doing this for fun this is what I’m doing

I made the first one, felt like it was too horrory and had no ongoing story, so I tried to more match the second one to the mood of the song and made a story. Then I didn’t like the individual drawings of that one enough so I focused on that in the third one, also giving that one no story

So I made three little songs and animatics recently, the first two in a day and the third in under two. I do this for fun but I think it’d be fun to take steps to improve as well.


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