Looking for someone to help me with two chapters

Hey, everyone! How are you doing?

I am having a little big problem:

My two first chapters have a very different vibe than the others. I wrote them a long time ago, and I haven’t edited them much, but when I read them, I always got the impression that it sounds too “teen drama”, and have no hook to keep the reader reading compared to the rest of the book.

The prologue is very suspenseful and with horror aspects, but the two first chapters have little of that aspect. Maybe because these chapters are introducing new characters and places, but even so, I need to revise and edit the urgent dialogues because every time I read it; I feel something is wrong.

So, as I am in the final stage of finishing my book, I would like someone to help me edit these first two chapters, without changing much of the story but adjusting the dialogues and the descriptions of the places.

If anyone is up to helping me, let me know! Thank you!

I’m not the best at editing, but If you send me the first 3-4 chapters I can take a look at them and see if they seem different just from a beta reader’s perspective. [email protected]

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Hi there, thank you for taking interest! I sent the doc to your e-mail!

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Great, I’ll take a look at that here soon. :slight_smile:

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Just finished and Emailed you back. :slight_smile:

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I emailed you back :slight_smile:. Thank you so much!

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