Looking For TikTok Account Share or Manager

So, guys, I don’t understand the TikTok, but I need someone who will convert the posts I am already making on my Wattpad account into TikTok like media and post them on the account somehow linked to my Wattpad profile or story.

I am also happy to share the account to be able to produce enough content to make the account noticeable.

Again, I have no idea how to link the TikTok account to my Wattpad account or how to add links on TiKTok, preferably clickable.

So, if I have to open an account (shudder) I will, but if there could be some sort of a shared account I am happy to supply content for it. My understanding is the more content, the merrier.

You can browse TikTok managers for hire on places like Fiverr if you’re on a budget! :slight_smile: In terms of links, you can have a profile link if you’re a business account, underneath your bio. Links in actual videos is either not a thing, or limited to partner accounts like how Instagram does it. I don’t use TikTok enough to know, but here is where the link goes on your profile.


This is a great thread from Ginny Di (cosplayer, not author) about TikTok growth and why she personally doesn’t advise it. I take her advice religiously, but this is still a good read before you start TikTok

By this, do you mean… someone takes your written content and makes videos from it? You’ll need to hire someone with plenty of video experience if you don’t want to make the videos yourself, unless you post video content on Wattpad? TikTok editing is easy, for the most part. Just set up a 1080x1920 project file in your video editor of choice, and use that as your template. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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yes. I tried making video once and I just can’t… though Canva has it now, I think.

I’m sure you could hire video editors to do them if you struggle to locate a TikTok manager (not all social media managers have the required education to handle video, even if they list Canva as “design” experience). Be aware that video editors tend to run a little pricey for their content, I price my TikTok videos pretty cheap, but I’m an outlier in that regard.

I know it seems like an uphill battle, but is it possible you could learn video editing? There are great tutorials for Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve on YouTube that can help you learn the basics, and that’ll bring any costs down. :slight_smile:

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I am basically hoping that Canva basically just lets m to do something like PowerPoint, without having to hold the phone camera up and stuff. So, I would just divide my text into sentences, put one per slide, and pick background music and throw a couple of moving images

I suppose if you aren’t looking to do actual video content, you could always just save multiple images and use TikTok’s built-in video maker to put them together. Just be aware that this approach isn’t the TikTok ‘meta’, so may not work super well, but it is DEFINITELY something you can do easily in TikTok’s editor!

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I hope to do it in Canva then load it in TikTok. I know it’s not meta, but better do something basic. I think I might be able to plug into the TikTok account for my book club, so at least I won’t have to populate my own account which is what I don’t want because the amount of content one needs to produce goes far beyond my free time and resources

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Have you found out? I did it by changing it to a business account.

Nah, I gave up on the idea. Too much efforts.

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^^ yes, to add links to your tiktok page you have to switch your tiktok account to a business accounts and add the link in the ‘website’ section of the bio that will appear after you switch. You can only display one link on your bio but lots of people use linktree to direct their audience to all their related accounts at once.

Most tiktokers use CapCut for this. I tried it recently and it’s pretty easy to use. Or if you want something simpler you can use tiktok’s greenscreen option and just upload saved images and add text over top.

tbh you don’t need to churn out too much content and it doesn’t have to be super high effort. Aesthetics videos like the ones you’re talking about (with text and images relating to your story) are a little more difficult because the timing can be hard to get just right and they’re not super popular. But you can do book tags, ratings, recommendations based on stuff like viewer zodiac, season, trope, ect.

Meme content is also really popular, my most popular booktok is one where i participated in a trend about ‘why your characters would get cancelled on twitter’.

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I am just not good at all that stuff and don’t have knack or time for it.

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that’s understandable. I’m not great at online marketing stuff either but tiktok is more about having fun imo and you end up with better content if you just make what you wanna make when you wanna make it instead of trying to lure people in.

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I just made an account yesterday, but have been reading around how things work there. My videos are ugh, embarrassing and I dont think I lured people to read my stuff from the videos because its hard to track where my reads come from, tbh. But Im going to stay around a bit to see if its for me. I dont think I have the talent to make an engaging contents.

I use Canva to make videos btw, just smth Im familiar with, because you know, my brain is kinda limited to learn new stuff atm. And its been stretched enough to learn about booktok :))


That’s what I do on Twitter. TikTok is too labour intensive. I can type, that’s all.

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What’s your @? honestly it can take a while to get the hang of tiktok. I had a shitpost account that I messed around on for like a year before I made a booktok. In the beginning it’s not so much about talent as it is posting at all tbh.

and idk about reads but i definitely got a few more followers when I linked my booktok with my wattpad.

canva hurts my brain a little :sweat_smile:

twitter is too much emotional labour for me :sob: :sob: i amn jus a littol creechur making silly littol videos pls none of the twitter yelling thank u :raised_back_of_hand: :sob:


Is a booktok different from tiktok account? Man, I’m so blind to this stuff :weary:

Not in my case. Or maybe I didnt notice it because following and readcount and votes are just ugh, the same (depends on my ranking for the day)

I’m used to it. So it’s easy for me lmao. Maybe I’ll try smth else later.

I’m going to just have fun and practice making contents.

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people call the different ‘sides’ of tiktok [title]tok. Like booktok, writertok, witchtok, costok, tattootok and so on. A booktok is just a tiktok account that focuses on books.

takes some time ¯_(ツ)_/¯

uvu the best way to go about it

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Oh, ha, my twitter is all about figure skating and games and writing, and i just block toxic people. So, it’s pretty nice.

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