Looking for time travel stories

Not sure if this is the right place for this…

I’m writing a just-for-fun time travel story which I don’t suppose is particularly on trend, but nothing I write is!

I’m looking for those of you who have any time travel stories - preferably on Wattpad, but I also have an Inkitt account.

If you do, please share the link here and a short summary. I’d love to take a look.


This isn’t my story but it’s by @JanKarlsson. It doesn’t involve just time travel—arguably it’s more Alternate Earth travel—but it does involve time travel. It’s very light-hearted too, and absolutely bonkers in a good way!

It’s a Wattys winner too so you know it’s good stuff :wink: Foston Slacks - Time's Flies - Jan Karlsson - Wattpad


Clara only wanted to reach her interview on time.

Now she finds herself lost in time, space and reality with only an impeccably dressed six-foot tall lemur for company.

Dragged through Breaches to alternative realities, timelines, alien worlds and a filthy diner off the I95, all she wants is to return home. Preferably before tea-time.

Trigger Warnings: Severe shoe damage, references to drug taking (Bloody Linda!), oh, and minor foul language. Unsuitable for hydroelectric citizens of Vardak V (Citizens of Vardak IV and VI have shown no signs of explosive side-effects. So far). Gluten free.


@Micahferb just wrote Time Brew for ONC.

I don’t currently have a time travel story, since I deal more in sliding int parallel dimensions, and don’t have any of that up, anyway. But a good 4th of the Mangas I post about are repeating your life on loop on it’s repeating the same time all over again.


Wonderful, thank you both.

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Well, I do have a story that could be considered time travel - the person talks about visiting another dimension but everything, including the man writing, happened In the past. So the viewer is going in the past


The Other World: Astronaut - Kel - Wattpad

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There’s a time travel element to a cyoa story I wrote, though using it requires you to make a lethal mistake. Anyway, here it is, a monster-hunting horror cyoa through a spooky town.


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Like, entirely time travel or one chapter time travel? :joy:

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I’m looking for stories where the theme is time travel. But feel free to link your story here in case someone else is interested.

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Intriguing. I just read the blurb and sounds cool (and very clever). Must have been very difficult to write!

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Nah, just thought it worth asking. Good luck finding a time travel story! :smiley: Imma lurk in case there’s something of interest

Thanks for the mention!

No problem…

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