Looking for werewolf story (Wattpad), Alpha & Sage

I discovered this fun forum in my search of finding a story on Wattpad. I’ve been looking for hours and due to Wattpad Community no longer existing I’m very desperate. I’ve noticed Wattpad being mentioned so I hope this is allowed. I’ve read through the rules and there’s no rule against as far as I know.

What I remember

The story wasn’t finished. It had around 9 chapters but that can have changed since I last read in July.

The plot is about an Alpha that found his mate (don’t remember the specific details on meeting). She has been abused and it was some sort of organisation that I think traffics and or attacks packs. The girl seems to have stayed in werewolf mode a lot (I think) and doesn’t even have a name. She’s been branded with a number and just been called that. After “talking” with the alpha, her mate, she likes the name Sage so that’s now her name. I write “talking” because the girl isn’t used to speaking and so far in the story she hasn’t been speaking and just communicating with nods.

After the girl gets the name Sage, the Alpha talks with his sister that spends a lot of time in the garden. They talk about the situation and mention two minor characters. They are siblings that have also been traumatised by that same organisation/group at a young age. The sister spends most of her time isolated at her house if she’s having a bad day. The sister’s name starts with an L like Lilith or Lily perhaps.

If the author hasn’t deleted this story or any other (maybe even added) there should be 3 about stories on their profile.
Happy to answer any questions and I’m super grateful for the help since I’ve spent most of my day trying to find it and absolutely desperate.


The issue is that there’s usually more than one book that goes that way.

The one I’m thinking of, the girl is raised as a wolf in captivity, gets in with a misfit pack, finds out that she’s a wolf that can change her wolf-size. Other kids have been through trouble with the packs that cause dher to be caged. I don’t remember he name being Sage, though. And I think she was thrown over a bridge in a sack like she was a puppy to be drowned .

But captivity, enslavement, often far worse thing than being locked up are ridiculously common on Wattpad. Hell, I even have one I need to finish that has that trope of being a captive, except mine does deviate from the trope a good deal.

A Google search on Sage and Werewolf brings up Sage in Bloom, A Wolf Named Sage, Stalking Sage, Sunflower (Werewolf|SBL), Unforgivable, Sage Stiles Stilinski, and it just goes on and on…

Good luck.

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Thank you for answering! Yes it’s a fairly common plot but the story and the characters were well written.

The problem with googling Sage and Werewolf is that Google thinks that’s the title which I know isn’t. She got the name a few chapters in and it wasn’t mentioned in the description.

If you find do manage to find the book please let me know :slight_smile:

Do you remember any quotes or lines from the book? Sometimes that can help find them.

I did notice that the 2nd half the page started moving away from Sage being in the title.

I find more books, songs, papers by vague memory of a quote inside it than by title or writers/characters.