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Hello!! I’m back! I’m offering my services for book covers, banners and aesthetics.

Payment: A Permeant Follow to be accepted. And if chosen, please use my cover for minimum 2 weeks.

Book Cover Form

Subtitle (optional):
Author name:
Color scheme:
Anything else:

Premade Cover Form:

Premade Title:
New Title:
Author Name:
Subtile (if wanted):
Anything to change:

Banner Form:
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Color Scheme:
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Aesthetic/Character Board Form:
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I will accepted after you complete payment! Thank you!

Premades/Examples are below!

Premades Book Covers:

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What font is realm in this cover:

It is Desire!

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Title: Seren Chambers
Subtitle (optional): none
Author name: Kora Adley
Summary: I don’t have one yet, will that be a problem?
Theme: dark,brooding,mysterious,thriller
Mood: dark,mysterious,beautiful,creepy
Color scheme: black,white,silver, and maybe dark red
Ideas: Please use this image!

Anything else: none!

Thank you for considering!

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Your covers are awesome, do you do mature romance ones?

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I do!

Do you by chance have examples? Youve got my attention!

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I do! I just added some to the premade example, there’s a few more I have that I’m still editing

Title: Asunder
Subtitle (optional): N/A
Author name: Lacy Sheridan
Summary: When Navi, apprentice to the High Mage of Ulora, finds her master murdered in his bed, the palace, and her comfortable life, are thrown into chaos. Rumors fly that wanted killer Atlas Pendragon is responsible and Navi is inclined to believe them-until he shows up begging for her help. Because he doesn’t remember killing anyone, and he needs the best Mage in Ulora to cure what’s wrong with him. As the pair search for their answers they find themselves diving deep into the vicious royal court and the seedy underbelly of the city alike, with a web of decades-old secrets threatening to come to light and shake all of Ulora to the core.
Theme: Dark, mysterious, magical, romance
Mood: Dark, mysterious, beautiful
Color scheme: Blacks, grays, purples, red (optional)
Ideas: This cover kinda jumped out at me recently and got the characters talking so something kinda similar would be fantastic. Though I’d prefer a castle or manor type background, and if red roses could be incorporated I’d love you forever but if it doesn’t work no big deal. Generally girl with dark hair and a dress in similar style with a castle/manor background
Anything else: I don’t think so. Thank you for your time whether you accept or not. Your covers are beautiful

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Premade title: realm
New title: Lanorth
Author: Daisy Shaw
Subtitle: n/a
Anything to change: just take away the subtitle.

The book will be posted as soon as I have the cover. Thank you!

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Which Realm cover? I just realize I had two up there, whoops!

I put these on your forum, but didn’t know if you saw them :). I did the same cover but with different color edges. Let me know if you want any changes.